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  1. Zihr

    The seventh guild

    Friends - At the last gathering, Prime Minister Cardan Powell asked some of us to organize a seventh guild. The Adventurer's Guild. Some of the leadership of Erabella are a bit concerned that a fair number of adventurers have made no moves to integrate into society and the current six guilds...
  2. Zihr

    Where we've left it

    Friends - As we begin to move into winter's grip, I thought it might be helpful if we have something to look back on in the spring about what we've accomplished and what we have yet to do. The Wraith Lord is still out there along with many Vampires and the Lich from Count Ferrant's lands. I...
  3. Zihr

    Earth Blades this gathering

    Greetings friends In an effort to better our forces against the anticipated battles with the lich and their minions, I have been in contact with some of our Earth casters. I am pleased to let you all know we should have enough Earth blades at the upcoming gathering for most of our more...
  4. Zihr

    Zihr & Far Bakery

    Hello friends! Zihr & Far Bakery (A division of House Husky) will have a limited supply of tasty cookies at this upcoming market day for purchase. Check out our testimonials below! If you'd like to preorder any to make sure you have some, please send me a private message. Preorder price is 2...
  5. Zihr

    August Kitchen News!

    Hello friends! Here is the projected menu for our August game, once again the kitchen will be pork, red meat, and shellfish free. I believe we will be high fructose corn syrup / sugar substitute free as well if at all possible. Friday night - I'm in negotiations with Dianne (my wife) to...
  6. Zihr

    August Kitchen!

    Hello friends :) House Husky will be running the August kitchen. If you have any comments, suggestions, or constructive criticism please share! I really liked Squire Rusty's advice on having a small seasoning bowl on the side for the tacos to be both respectful of allergies and desired...
  7. Zihr

    July Kitchen News

    Hello friends! Hope you're all excited for this upcoming weekend :) Here is the planned menu, I've tried to be as aware of allergies and preferences as I can be. The entire menu is pork and shellfish free. I believe it to be sugar substitute (including high fructose corn syrup) free as well...
  8. Zihr


    Hello friends :) Your friendly neighborhood House Husky will be running the kitchen for the first two games. Dianne (my fantastic wife) and I are starting to menu plan. I know we have a large number of food allergies, if I don't have one listed here would you be so kind as to please reply and...
  9. Zihr

    An open letter

    To those who have taken Ghauld and Lilian of House Husky . . . I am coming for you. Friends do not let a warrior go to battle alone, and I have many friends. If you return them unharmed, you will be granted a swift death. If not I will wade knee deep through your ruin as you are now my...
  10. Zihr

    The search begins

    I now believe the junior Huskies have been taken. They have not shown up in a circle so they are at least alive as far as I know. I believe it was the werewolf pack I've been tracking but can't be certain of it. It just as easily could have been Royalists - the colors and symbol of House...
  11. Zihr


    (OOG - they're both home safe, this is IG only) Has ... has anyone seen Ghauld or Lilian? They haven't turned up at House Husky from the last market day ... Zihr of House Husky Squire to Baron Marciano Gibbs of the Eastern Territories
  12. Zihr

    Silvered Weapons roll call!

    Hello friends :) This coming market day we may have need of silvered weapons. Friday night will be a full moon, and there has been a pack of werewolves recently in Erabella. If you plan on attending the gathering, please let us know if you HAVE or DON'T HAVE a silvered weapon. Many thanks...
  13. Zihr

    August research

    Friends . . . It feels like the next Market Day is so far away as we just concluded our last gathering, but it is a mere three weeks away. One thing that should be done is track down Eberrus (sp?) He has taken Duke Waheed from us, and he has now taken Sir Daniels from us. To paraphrase...
  14. Zihr

    July Menu & Kitchen details

    Hello friends :) Here is a tentative menu for the coming gathering, as always subject to last minute changes. The menu will be completely pork free and artificial sweetener free. Breakfast Burritos - choice of cheese or turkey sausage Oatmeal Hard boiled eggs Lunch Sammiches - choice of...
  15. Zihr

    July Game Food Allergies!

    Hello friends :) Amy will not be at the July game so I have volunteered to run Tavern. Hooray for food! This isn't a pre reg thread, but if you're planning on going to game and you have a food allergy (or something I'd need to know - like Vegetarian) please post below. If you have a severe...
  16. Zihr

    July Research Opportunities

    Hello friends! Our next Market Day is less than a month away! I thought it might be wise if we worked together in exploring our new lands much as we did before the last gathering. Squire Bruisey and myself have made plans to visit the Western and Central Territories in an effort gauge the...
  17. Zihr

    Town Box Update

    Friends ... I can't thank you all enough for your generosity during the Town Box auction, both donating items and bidding on them. Very special thanks to Matron Locke and the rest of the organizers. The box had 6 gold 8 silver, some assorted production, and scrolls coming into our market day...
  18. Zihr

    Potion question

    Hello friends :) The new rules are unclear. Could one create a level 9 Cure Wounds potion? Thank you rules followers! ~Brad
  19. Zihr

    Town Box

    Greetings friends . . . At the last Market Day, Squire Ragnarok saw fit to entrust me with the Town Box. It currently holds a number of ritual scrolls, a small number of components, a catalyst, a few supplies the crafters among us would find useful, and some coin leftovers from the town...
  20. Zihr

    Random items for sale

    Hello friends :) After sorting through my packs I found a few items I don't need. If anyone has interest let me know before the next market day, or I shall be selling these to any travelling merchants I can find. Vorpal Coating 5 x 1 Vorpal Coating 10 x 2 Paranoia Elixir x 1 Paste of...