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  1. chantellw

    Big West 2019... Got Packets?

    Hello! Are you coming to Big West and use packets? Don’t have the time to make them? Just don’t want to pack them? I’ll do it for you! $10 for 50 packets, with free delivery to Big West! Just shoot me a private message letting me know the quantity and type (magic, arrow, Alchemy) you would...
  2. chantellw

    2019 Event Schedule

    is your 2019 Event schedule posted somewhere? I’m working on a unified calendar or events across Alliance nationwide.
  3. chantellw


    Last call for anyone needing/wanting to purchase Packets for the January game! Price is $10 per 50 packets.
  4. chantellw

    Vials on Shields

    whats the best method you’ve seen/used for carrying potion vials on a shield for easy access?
  5. chantellw

    January 2018 Meal Plan Menu

    Friday PM: Chicken Noodle Soup Saturday AM: Pancakes Bacon Eggs Fruit Saturday PM: Shepherds Pie Sunday AM: Assorted Hot/Cold Cereals Leftovers
  6. chantellw

    December 2017 Meal Plan Menu

    Friday PM: Jambalaya Saturday AM: Pancakes Bacon Eggs Fruit Saturday PM: Honey Garlic Chicken Roasted Potato & Vegetable Medley Sunday AM: Assorted Hot/Cold Cereals Leftovers
  7. chantellw

    June 30-July 2 Event Meal Plan Menu

    FRIDAY PM: Hearty Beef Soup Bread Gatorade SATURDAY AM: Pancakes Eggs Hash browns Bacon Coffee Gatorade SATURDAY PM: BBQ Beef Brisket Potatoes SUNDAY AM: Pastries Fruit Coffee Hard Boiled Eggs Remember, in order to be included in the meal plan you must pre-pay for the meal plan by the...
  8. chantellw

    Shield opinions

    i am making a punch grip shield out of corrugated plastic. Looking for opinions on shapes. I am a celestial Templar if that comes into play when deciding on shape. What's your favorite shape and why? Have pictures?
  9. chantellw

    Meal Plan Menu

    FRIDAY DINNER: BBQ Chicken Potato Salad Vegetable SATURDAY BREAKFAST: Pancakes Scrambled Eggs Bacon SATURDAY LUNCH: Sub Sandwich Chips SATURDAY DINNER: Pasta with Red Sauce & Meatballs Garlic Bread Fruit Cobbler Dessert SUNDAY BREAKFAST: Assorted Muffins & Pastry Fruit Leftovers Gatorade...
  10. chantellw

    April Pre-Reg?

    Am I missing it, or will the April Pre-Reg be posted soon?
  11. chantellw

    Cabins for Nov 7-8-9 Event

    Hello! I saw that you guys had cabin sign-ups for the last event, are you using that same document this event? Does anyone have space for 3?
  12. chantellw

    May Event Meal Plan - PCs and NPCs

    The meal plan is now open to both PCs and NPCs! PC Cost: $25 NPC Cost: $15 The deadline for signing up for the meal plan is Friday, May 23rd, at 11:59pm. For the May 2014 Event, PCs can register for the meal plan by posting here in this thread, pre-paying $25 to
  13. chantellw

    Latte input

    Looking at possibly making and offering Lattes and some tasty pastries at event, what would be helpful is some idea as to folks favorite syrup flavors to bring.
  14. chantellw

    Scout Popcorn for sale

    This weekend is the last weekend of Tyler's (ig:Talothian/Talo) scout fundraiser, and he will be at Alliance. We will have 2 flavors on site with us. They are $13 each and come in a Collectible tin. The Flavors we have available are: White Ruby: Sweet popcorn and tart cranberry bits smothered...
  15. chantellw

    Crash space for October event

    Matt (mortikai), myself (Taloryn), and our son Tyler are trying to find space in a cabin for the October event. If we need to. Two of us can double up in one bunk so we only need 2 bunks instead of 3. I have a post on the IG forum about this but since I was getting no response it was...
  16. chantellw

    Seeking a temporary home

    Mortikai, our son Talo and myself will be visiting Landfall during this upcoming gathering, and find ourselves in need of a warm dry place to rest our heads if possible. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  17. chantellw

    Scout Popcorn! Will deliver to 4-day!

    Our son is selling Gourmet Popcorn for Cub Scouts. Most of it is pre-popped flavored popcorn, except for 3 kinds of Microwave popcorn and plain popping Kernels. We will be at the 4-day, so if you place an order with us we can deliver it to you at game. We have capabilities of taking credit card...
  18. chantellw

    Elf Ear tips needed for Feb Event!

    HELP! Is there anyone coming down from seattle/everett area to this weekends event that may be going to Display & Costume that could pick me up a pair of Elf ear tips and me pay you when you get to site? Or does anyone have a spare set of elf ear tips I could buy off of them? mine seem to have...
  19. chantellw

    Children of MWE/Elf

    So My husband plays an Elf, and I am planning on playing a MWE. Our son will be joining us as a page, and we were wondering.. if we wrote him to IG be our son as well... what race would he logically be if he were the product of an elf-MWE relationship?
  20. chantellw

    Alchemy/Potion Vials

    Where are people getting the little potion/alchemy test tubes/vials?