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    Help with high level channeling build and required gear

    Hi friends :) Can people share their channeling secrets please? I am looking for a simple to build / simple to play character. I can get some items, but I don't want too much to keep track of. I don't think I want to learn new verbals. I think channeling my be good. For example a simple to...
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    Idea for collecting playtest feedback data

    The purpose of this post is to provide a framework for playtest feedback based on the stated intentions for the new rules. Normally, it would be better to do this kind of work before writing and testing new rules. Also, it would be better to have started with performance objectives. But I think...
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    character class roles with the new rules

    I wanted to split this conversation off from the character build thread so that Matt's thread can stay focused on the original topic:
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    Which performance problems and opportunities should the new rules address

    When I playtested the new rules, I was unclear on some of the reasoning behind the changes. Sometimes I could figure it out. For example, "The intent was to streamline the system by reducing effects which were very similar to other effects without losing the flavor of the system long-term...
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    Female larpers in the UK
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    College of wizardry LARP Supposed to be 160 spots @ 375 each available through kickstarter. Not even sure where this is going down. But it seems like a potentially cool setting for a LARP.
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    I can make your sword and shield magical

    Adventurers of the sword and board variety please express your degree of interest in the following sorcery: Your long sword with flame aura Your shield with a magic storm The magic lasts a little less than a year and should travel the mists wherever magic items go. If you want your weapons...
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    Petition to join

    I have wood. I do stuff with my wood. You'll like my wood. My birthday is coming this gather. Thank you for your consideration. Sparktet
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    What makes combat encounters hard to scale? Who trains new characters?

    People suggesting level caps have said that level disparity makes combat hard to scale. I think levels are probably one of the easiest things to overcome when scaling an encounter. I think a few things have a much bigger impact: magic items, monster abilities, OOG individual skill, and...
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    Is it too hard to spirit forge and/or race change?

    It came up on the thread about power disparity when MS argued that optimal builds would be more in demand if a level cap existed. A few people suggested that it should be easier for players to spirit forge or sell back certain skills. Interestingly, I remember having a similar discussion around...
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    What can plot do to help high level players contribute to the game?

    Related to the do they die enough thread (which was split from the necro thread). I don't think it matters for high level players die more, though highbies should feel challenged to achieve their goals just like everyone else at an event. In combat and some other challenges the risk of rezzing...
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    Sources of political intrigue

    One thing that I like in LARPs is political intrigue. What intrigue do we have in different chapters and how do we get more? In our Alliance games, it always seemed to me that chapters with the more rigid nobility have less intrigue. If there are no political factions, there's less politics...
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    Are you a crafty gangsta?

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    Physical challenges - how have you seen them done?

    I think we should have more physical challenges. For part of the player base it gives them a chance to shine outside of combat (although it may be that the same players who shine in combat can also shine in other physical challenges). Plus physical activity is good. It's one of the things we (I...
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    Sneakers, boots, cleats, or costume footwear?

    At the last event I attended, I think the majority of people were wearing sneakers. Some modern boots, a couple cleats (soccer maybe), and a couple medieval looking costume shoes. I'm curious what you wear and what you see and what you prefer. With decent costume shoe covers, I think sneakers...
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    Broad Elm Farm in Alhanoroel

    The Broad Elm Farm in Alhanoroel is for sale. This is a 12 acre farm plus two tithing strips that are not in use at the moment. Alhanoroel is an area within the Ash Forest that is home to many races. In the past the farm was owned by humans. Now an elf owns the farm. In the future you might own...
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    Seeking mages

    Greetings mighty adventurers. I am Moon Silvertongue, a sorcerer of significant scholarship. I seek access to a full celestial spellbook during the July gather, for which I can pay in gold. I also seek opportunities to observe and participate in celestial formal ritual castings.
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    Anyone making custom painted lightweight shields?

    Around 7 years ago, someone from Alliance made me a lightweight shield that his girlfriend custom painted (pictured at ). I believe the shield is corrugated plastic and has the 5/8 inch foam and duct taped on. With the paint, it is still nice and light. Is anyone doing...
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    Alliance web design team recruitment post

    The Alliance website is going to be redesigned and I need a few more people for our team. For your efforts, you will be rewarded with seeing the result of your hard work every time you visit and 3 DS/hour of work. All applicants should be able to devote time to the project...
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    Vampire: the Requiem chat game

    I recently joined a Vampire: the Requiem game. Typically, this is a tabletop or LARP game but I recently learned you can also do it via chat. Tabletop rules but some of the benefits of LARP - you act out what your character would do (giving descriptions while sitting at your computer but at...