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  1. Corbell

    August lost and found

    Found a black fan after the event wrapped up.
  2. Corbell

    Small Auction

    At the small get together today, there were a few items that went unclaimed and it was decided to open them up for auction to anyone that would like to bid. Auction will go until the next get together of the entire town. So up for auction: Summon Foundation Elemental a second Summon...
  3. Corbell

    November 15-17 favorites

    Had a fun time this weekend! Thanks to the company for some good food, and all of the npc's. Some if my favorites in no particular order. - Regenerating zombie babies - doing the shuffle so not to freeze while trying to get McNulty's shirt. - all of the npc's. I think this is the first...
  4. Corbell

    Lost and found August event

    Black snap up tunic/vest found in Promise Lodge sleeping area Front ring found in tavern
  5. Corbell

    Hi There

    Hi, my name is Corbell Sheppard, I am thinking about coming next market, and wanted to know if there is anything I should look out for. Also, if anyone needs help with any problems feel free to let me know, and I can try to help you with them.
  6. Corbell

    Lost and Found

    Found a black drinking horn Black pants Disney Parks lantern Red jacket Black hood White scarf (Wild Rose is this yours?) Blue armor White bag of crystals If any of this is yours let me know so I can try and help it find it's way home.
  7. Corbell

    Forgetting the unnatural sky magic

    Due to some... problems... last market I have a sudden and strong desire to no longer cast the unnatural sky magic. If anyone can help me I would appreciate it. Corbell
  8. Corbell

    Coming to visit

    Hi My name is Corbell, my traveling companion Skylark and I are planning to attend the upcoming market day. If anyone is willing to show us around we would greatly appreciate it. Corbell
  9. Corbell

    looking for good boots

    can anyone suggest a good place to find a new pair of larp boots? I've been using my old combat boots.
  10. Corbell

    looking for a ride in May

    is anyone going to be driving either in Iowa or through Iowa to the May event? My wife has to work that weekend and thus needs our car :( but if I can find a ride before hand, it would be great (so I can try to pre-register when it opens) :)
  11. Corbell

    New Player Question

    I just registered to be an NPC, for my first ever event. I read that I should wear all black and possibly bring some costume that I know will fit. I was wondering if maybe before or after the event if someone could take a look at weapons I've made to see if they will work when I do PC? Thanks
  12. Corbell

    Hi Everyone

    I just wanted to say hi to everyone. I work most weekends (I'm a campus cop at a college in North East Iowa) I've requested the April dates off and am hoping to be in attendance for my first ever LARP. I've been communicating with Alexander via e-mail he has been wonderful. Once I know if I...