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    Event feedback: "Paths of Conflict"

    You guys are amazing. Thanks again for a great event.
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    Event feedback: "Paths of Conflict"

    Hey team - great event! Had a good time, and it was obvious that the whole thing was planned with real care and detail. PROS: Props: great setup, love that everything was "what you see is what you get". One specific prop monster encounter at the very end was so perfect in appearance and...
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    Weapon Proficiency Cost

    Awesome! Let's not forget the Back Attacks / Backstabs now.
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    Weapon Base Damage / Slay

    Does the purchase of Weapon Proficiency (and the associated permanent damage increase) change the "base" damage of a weapon when calculating the total damage for skills such as "Slay", which use a multiplier of the weapon's base damage? Apologies if this has been answered recently.
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    Online Database

    Sounds great. Thanks for the rapid response.
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    Online Database

    Any ideas as to when the online builder/database located here: will be updated to incorporate the new information? Thank you!