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    The seventh guild

    Cass, I haven't found prestige difficult to acquire, just difficult to prioritize only one guild. I want to belong to ALL the guilds, but then I wouldn't be very good in any of them. I find it difficult to specialize. (Also, I didn't have access to any guild message boards until just a week or...
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    The seventh guild

    I hope that there would be different methods of earning prestige in the adventurer's guild. Please don't let this become a popularity contest.
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    October Favorites

    I had such a good time! In no particular order: Roff doing a healing storm and getting Sentofino by "throwing" healing at him. Fighting baby drakes in the caves. Wiziard'n School Ragnarok bringing up the time Jamina was a lich in a rambling way, which explained nothing... I am happy to hear...
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    September Favorites

    In no particular order: What I half heard from the kitchen about operation beat my meat. Food at the event - Thank you Amy! Berating Bluwolf about doing killing blows with a staff. Shaking salad dressing in the kitchen. The liches lair obstical course, even though I could only watch. The...
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    Magic Item Reprints

    I just sent 4 emails from my phone to logistics with pics. I hope it worked. -Jen
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    Chicago event carpools

    Do you still have room for an npc for nationals?
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    A Town in Need

    I will be at this market day and I will be happy to help with this endeavor. I have many tomes of earth magic which can be used for casting that ritual of woe. -Jamina
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    July 2021 Favorites!

    I was so happy to see you all again! Favorites: Zir's knighting ceremony. When it was time to give encouragement, it took me a little time to collect my thoughts, but then, every time I tried to start speaking, someone else spoke up first. If you all could have seen the look on my face and all...
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    2020 Schedule and Season Two Post

    I won't be able to determine what events I can go to until I can match dates to my schedule. At my current work, I should be off for the castle weekend. Yay! I am trying to arrange time off for the national event, but I don't know if I'll get it yet. Anyway, this means I can't vote with the way...
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    I have to work this event weekend.
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    ...Locke... -Jamina
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    Seeking a Ride

    Looks like I have a ride. Just need to formalize the arrangements.
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    Seeking a Ride

    I'm also looking for a ride. I'm in Brooklyn Park.
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    What does the site look like for this event at Stearns? We've had a couple different ones. If we have the one with the walkway connected tavern\sleeping quarters, maybe I can convince Tim to come.
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    Auction of Items from May Gathering 9219

    2 gold on the Spirit Recall - Jamina
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    Lost and Found

    Is that black drinking horn long and twisted? It may be Roff's.
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    Event Favorites - May Season Opener

    To start, I just wanted to say how much I really enjoyed watching how much fun all of the npcs were having. You made my heart happy. Rats - Squeak! Squeak! Squeak! Griffin Guard visit. (I was just a little confused when Matt started with his white headband on. I didn't know weather to ignore...
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    To Heroes Beyond the Mists (Plot hook for Season 2019)

    Of course, my friend and cousin! Your cause is my cause, and if you need my help I will be there. - Jamina ze Rycha Voda
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    Policy Questions

    Another clarification, please. Memberships "Each player who attends a Minnesota Alliance event must have a membership with our chapter." Does this mean that players from other chapters will need to pay extra to play here? I mean, they probably already have a membership in their home chapter...
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    Would you want one of these? (T-shirt preview)

    Only up to 1x? A few of us will be left out...