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    Wedding Invite

    I would like to invite all of you, my friends, to my wedding with Sentofino. Saturday afternoon. -Jamina
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    Feb one day favorites

    Igneous carries a pick axe with him. Casual remark about how many death spells Asher has. The questioning I got after something went "horribly wrong" during ritual casting. - By the way, guys, I realize I am not at all theatrical or really fun to watch ritual casting, I get very nervous, but I...
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    Cooking Competition

    Does anyone remember if there is a stove/oven available at this site? Also, how many outlets? I am thinking that a power strip or two might be needed. Also, what time are we expecting to be ready to serve? You know, for timing issues. - Jen
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    July Event Favorites

    Not every bearded man is Tim Sireno. Gypsies are better than Dwarves. Landing 2 packets from a very far distance during the legacy test. Buying the locket out from under Kari, then giving it to her. New shiny bracelet. Thanks Beryl. Craftsman test: This room has no exit. Escape this trap. –...
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    Recipes from the Banquet

    For anyone who is interested: Stuffed Olives -Black Olives -Homemade Boursin Cheese Make Your Own Boursin Cheese - Paula Deen • Prep Time: 10 mins • Total Time: 10 mins • Yield: 3 cups About This Recipe "This recipe comes from Paula Deen. It tastes exactly like the boursin cheese sold at...
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    Needed: Black and White Makeup

    Is there any chance anyone has some black and white makeup I can buy to use for what is hopefully a short time?
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    I need help

    What I got from the Box of Wealth and Woe was Woe is now I am a Litch. I am still Jamina, meaning that I can still heal people, but I am a Litch now. There is a saving grace however, the Box gave me a ritual scroll that can change me back: Gift of Life. I'm going to need the Spirit Bottle, a...
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    Those traveling from Hope's Reach to Briar Pass...

    I shall be present dis coming market day at Wayside. I am ze keeper of Hope's Reach's Light/Wizard Lock artifact, and zo I vill 'ave et wit me. Since this es de towns people's artifact and I expect to make use of et dis market day, I vish to let you know zat you are welcome to be included en the...