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  1. Corbell

    Feast Event Favorites!

    in no particular order: Feast Grand Melee Honor discussions Vampire and blood geysers Talent competition I'm sure there's more that I'll think of later.
  2. Corbell

    New Footwear

    Here is the pair I’ve used for the last 3 seasons, definitely not in period but they are good ankle support and hold up fairly well
  3. Corbell

    Hook Finale Favorites

    I have a few favorites, and I'm sure more will be added as I think and process the weekend, now in no specific order other than how my brain squirrels are moving. :) The elven rifts, to the lich tower Stepping in front of Victor every time I saw him, Corbell was not happy having been enslaved...
  4. Corbell

    Names & Faces

    Real Life: Bryan Laird; He/Him Main/First/Only Character: Corbell Shepard Elf Celestial Spellsword
  5. Corbell

    Packet Rubber Bands

    I think they’re “Goody” but I grabbed them awhile ago by the 1000 pack and now they just live in a ziplock bag
  6. Corbell

    Packet Rubber Bands

    I tend to grab the packs of rubber band hair ties, they're small, and tend to hold up fairly well
  7. Corbell

    Favorites: October 1st Weekend: The Pride of Rathfall

    First off, thanks to all of the NPC's for this event. Also thanks kitchen staff for feeding all of us! Now in no particular order - "The moon is broken, do not go all lycanthropy, especially you!" Liddia to Corbell. - The Unseeli Hag - While corbell didn't draw from it, the Deck of Many...
  8. Corbell

    School assignment-help needed:When/how did you become interested in larp?

    Hi Anne. In 2013 a friend of mine told me about a new game that was supposed to be coming to the area I lived in at the time called Dystopia Rising. It sounded like a blast, and I quickly made a character and read into it learning as much as I could. In 2014 the game had failed to start up in...
  9. Corbell

    Latex Weapons

    Personally I carry and use both at every event I go to. For me what it comes down to is the craftsmanship of the blade being used, either style can become unsafe depending on the construction, and if they break or fall apart.
  10. Corbell

    2021 Nationals - Story for the Ages Favorites

    I don’t even know where to begin, other than saying this was an amazing first nationals for me! in no particular order because I don’t know if I could even come up with an absolute top moment (they were all amazing) Pirate shanties and singing to the pirates All of the prop monsters the...
  11. Corbell

    Fantasy Fantasy Football 2022 edition!

    football isn't my sport but, maybe.
  12. Corbell

    Its A Pleasure To Meet You

    hmmm so many unplayed character choices, which to start costuming for a Wisconsin trip :)
  13. Corbell

    August 2021 Favorites

    Unicorns! all of the new players! I’m not a big puzzle person, but I enjoyed the forge and it’s puzzles :) Rusty and his talk with the squires, working on getting Corbell to be more vocal The buzz saw traps, and throwing out random words after the wall of force went up ritual casting and...
  14. Corbell

    August lost and found

    I think we tracked down the owner on the Chicago FB page, but here’s the other side
  15. Corbell

    August lost and found

    Found a black fan after the event wrapped up.
  16. Corbell

    July Opener 2021 Favorites!!

    this made me think of one I should have put on mine :) the look I got when bidding on the racial transformation from Shen was priceless. And the pre-pax humanis conversation about not working on the bucket list.
  17. Corbell

    July Opener 2021 Favorites!!

    Was great seeing everyone again! in no particular order. - Watching Dylan enjoy his first full weekend, he had a blast. - finishing off Jonah - All of the amazing role play - Plane hopping
  18. Corbell

    Small Auction

    Since the bidding has seemed to end I will go ahead and end the auction
  19. Corbell

    Anybody near Kankakee

    I’m in Kankakee.