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    Races and Age growth

    Hi folks! A thought I have been having lately is on the subject of "long lived races" (and "short lived races to a degree) and aging. Specifically in the two following areas: Long/Short lived race Adventurers aging at a different rate than their "traditional" racial stereotypes. Like, the fact...
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    Magic Culture: Celestial and Earth

    Does anyone know that actual origins? Why the authors chose "Celestial" and "Earth" as the designations for the two schools?
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    Magic Culture: Celestial and Earth

    Not really? It went on a tangent or two really quick. I think it would still be a fun discussion. Maybe it turns into eventually renaming magic schools? Or maybe it is just a philosophical discussion that people can use IG? Either way, seems like a win to talk about it.
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    I love the CMA!

    For all of those engineers who have worked endless hours on the CMA, I wish I could give every one of you an awkwardly long hug! You know, the kind where you begin to wonder if it would be impolite to signal to let go just before letting go. It is seriously the super awesome. Between the...
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    ARB 2.0 thoughts and feedback

    I would probably change Alavatar to Sage if this concept became a reality. I assume High Magic would be treated same as Channeling (same Primary/Secondary costs as a Scholar).
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    Ritual Ideas

    I like using science. Examples: Black lights plus fluorescent or UV reactive materials/inks. Note: Highlighter fluid is extremely UV reactive if you don't want to spring for the specific UV invisible inks. Using a mortar and pestle to grind some eggshells, then mix with vinegar. Filter the...
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    September Favourite Moments

    I love living vicariously through reading the favorite moments threads.
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    Race Breakup Infograph August 2019

    Is there a difference in the underlying data between attendance vs. a back blanket? But, fair point. I hadn't registered the back blanketing yet so my characters are not accounted for and thus not in the data.
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    Race Breakup Infograph August 2019

    So ... I have 2 characters on the books I have been blanketing, but haven't built/played. They are currently human as the default, but I plan to change them (Slothkyn and something else not Human). Is this assessment counting those types of characters?
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    Removal of teacher skill

    I like it.
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    Alliance 2.0 Rulebook: Beta 2

    I searched the document for this rule (which is in the v0.12b pre-release), but did not find it: Am I missing it? The description for Evocation Bolt explicitly lists it as the signature spell for Celestial Casters. I did not see a similar statement for the Cure Wounds effect description.
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    Meditation & Counterspell

    Meditate seems to be very explicit that it only works on spells that missed or failed due to an incorrect incantation, spells that did not resolve in any way. If you used it for Counterspell, I would argue the spell was resolved.
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    Enhance Signature Spell + United Blow

    Assuming the logic of Combined Strike also applies to United Blow, the answer would be "no". Like Brandon said.
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    Welcome to the Alliance CMA

    Oh, I see. I only looked at Gettysburg and didn't see anything. I see it is listed for other chapters. Thank you!
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    Welcome to the Alliance CMA

    First of all, I just want to congratulate the Tech Team developing the CMA. It is extremely intuitive (from my perspective) and easy to use a player. I do have what I hope to be a simple requests: Is it possible for the Logistics email to be listed next to their chapter in the Chapters menu?
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    Big West 2019 - Favorite Moments

    Hi all! I played Alavatar, the Red Wizard with the large white staff. It was great to see everyone! My favorite moments in no particular order: The Displacer Beast mod (despite rolling my ankle). The cliff part was a lot of fun and made my armor very useful! The threat of folks falling off...
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    APG: Alliance Players Guide Beta Feedback

    Not only assume players will act responsibly, but also assume both the staff and community will work together to ensure that everyone is safe while participating in this fun.
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    Big West 2019 FAQ

    This is from the announcement from Bryan. My question: Bryan said, "Unless otherwise specified, the National Chapter would become the chapter of origin." I am asking for it to be specified. For True Empowerments cast at Big...
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    Need a Celestial Ritual Caster for Big West?

    I am happy to help! If any of you have a particular ritual you would like to be the target of a True Empowerment then let me know! The sooner I know the better. (OOG: I would like to give Plot a heads up on True Empowerments so they are not caught cold and off guard. Giving Plot the time to...