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    Races and Age growth

    Hi folks! A thought I have been having lately is on the subject of "long lived races" (and "short lived races to a degree) and aging. Specifically in the two following areas: Long/Short lived race Adventurers aging at a different rate than their "traditional" racial stereotypes. Like, the fact...
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    I love the CMA!

    For all of those engineers who have worked endless hours on the CMA, I wish I could give every one of you an awkwardly long hug! You know, the kind where you begin to wonder if it would be impolite to signal to let go just before letting go. It is seriously the super awesome. Between the...
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    Need a Celestial Ritual Caster for Big West?

    Hi folks! I plan to attend Big West this year. All 3 days of it! Woooo! I am so excited! As some of you know, I do rituals. I tend to go big, usually doing Casting Insight and True Conservation on all rituals in the batch, and all the bells and whistles that go along with that. My character...
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    Looking to purchase a suit of armor

    Greetings adventurers! It has been some time since I have been able to visit you all. I look forward to seeing all of the new faces that have begun the tiresome journey of becoming heroes, in addition to all of the old faces that are still around! Since I have been gone I have developed an...
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    Celestial Armor + Armored Shell/Empowered Armor

    Celestial Armor adds Armor value to the suit the character is wearing. So, in theory, such a character could have up to 72 Armor (62 max + 10 Celestial Armor). Armored Shell provides +1 Body per WEA the character has purchased, up to the Armor Point value of the suit. Is that ceiling the...
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    [.11] Combined Strike and United Blow + Channeling

    Can Combined Strike and United Blow also allow using Channeling as an available option in lieu of the Signature Spell? Edit: Let me rephrase - Can Combined Strike and United Blow be revised to allow for using Channeling?
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    [.11] Spell Slots, Formal, and Scholarly Skills

    I just want to double check since I cannot find it in the 0.11c of the rules ... Spell Slots and Formal are considered to be Scholarly Skills, right? No where in the document does it state that, so I want to make sure it is not forgotten or overlooked.
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    Magic Culture: Celestial and Earth

    Why are the magics called Celestial and Earth? It isn't like there is any mechanical link between being able to see the sky and cast Celestial Magic, or be on earth (ground) to cast Earth Magic. Perhaps a more descriptive term is Foundation (Stone, Lightning, Ice, Flame) Magic and Primal...
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    V0.10 Proposal: Magic Item Terms and Definitions

    As I was thinking about Formal Magic (as I do), it occurred to me that it is likely every magic item will need to be re-printed with 2.0. And since there are already several terms changes going on to reduce confusion I thought it might be a good opportunity to propose changing Magic Item terms...
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    v0.10 Ritual Clarification Questions

    Quicken Meditation has (Item [Book]) and Spell Swap has (Item [Spellbook]) as their targets. Will either ritual make the book indestructible? If yes, will the books still be capable of being written in? Is there a significant difference between the Enhanced Blade battle magic Spell, and the...
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    v0.10 Question about High Magic and 9th Level Spells

    Per the packet: Can this be clarified? Can Cloak, Bane, Magic Augmentation, Elemental Augmentation, and Elemental Burst now be purchased without limit? Alavatar with ~100 Celestial Formal could purchase 30 Cloak and 30 Bane regardless of # of 9th level spells?
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    Proposal: Reduce Negation abilities

    Hi everyone! I have been mentioning this for some time, but never created a proposal for discussion. Here is my proposal: Currently, there are a number of abilities and effects that completely Negate the effects they are defending against. Negation creates frustration in players because the...
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    "Feel" of Alliance?

    How far can changes to the ruleset go before the "feel" of the Alliance system is no longer represented? Is maintaining the "feel" of Alliance a valid reason to prevent change? (Bonus question: Is this the right forum for this discussion?)
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    Need a Celestial ritual cast?

    Hi everyone! I plan to be attending the Big West event. As many of you know, I have a lot of Celestial Formal (93+) on my character, Alavatar, which allows me to Casting Insight and True Empower almost all rituals. While I do not know what the story is regarding Big West nor do I know why we...
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    LARP Box

    Performing Word-Of-Mouth free advertisement because I think it is a cool concept. Someone has decided to create a LARP Box subscription thingy similar to the other popular subscription boxes like Loot Crate, except for LARP stuff. I saw it on a friends Wall on Facebook and thought, "I know some...
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    v1.3 Life/Death vs. 2.0 Life/Death/Corrupt

    Hi folks! Note, this discussion is meant to be different from the discussion about removing the school "Gift". Here's the thing: In current 1.3 a character memorize Life and have both an offensive (Death) and restorative (Life) option that can be changed on the fly without penalty (since...
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    National Event Theme Song?

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    Niche characters

    Every now and then I think, "Wouldn't it be fun to play ____?" where the fill-in-the-blank is some sort of niche character concept. I am curious. Have other people had niche character concepts they would like to share? Either have played or would like to play? Not necessarily joke characters...
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    IG: A haven to discuss matters

    To the Adventurers of Fortannis: Recent information has created a need to discuss matters of great importance among people spread far apart. Therefore, I have created a pocket realm within the mists and constructed a tower with the intent of having a secure location for communication without...
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    Crazy idea: One-Shot Non-Normal Weekend

    Call me crazy, but I have a radical idea. I don't know if it is allowed, but I am curious what kind of reception the idea would get. What if a chapter ran a one-shot level capped (Level 5) weekend event where players have the option to: (a) Pay to play their own Level 5 or lower character for...