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    A letter in need of delivering

    Illandra sits down at an empty table in the tavern, finally able to take a load off from travelling. Having noted the sign posting when she first entered earlier in the day, she'd had no luck in finding anyone she'd been looking for. Maybe she hadn't been looking to the best of her ability, or...
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    Sitting in the Tavern

    Illandra peers at her missives, ones recently acquired via messenger. Leafing through them, she notes the affirmatives, and the regretful declines of the adventure plans she had sent out to a few fellow Breachers and new acquaintances. 'Well...I guess being away for that long would have some...
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    Reporting to the Archmage

    Illandra slowly walks into the room, still slightly aching from the festivals activities. Looking around she finds the front desk. Slowly approaching, she makes sure she has the journal Mobeus had lent her. "Is this a good time to try to see the Archmage, or should I ask for an appointment?"
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    Scroll Requests

    A messenger walks into the Ogre's Head Tavern and posts a short message before leaving. The message reads: "To all looking for scrolls, Illandra Remmington will have scrolls for sale when she next visits Parsons Breach. If you are looking for anything specific, please note it below. Full --...
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    Arcane library research

    Illandra sits in a chair with a stack of books next to her on the table. One sits open in front of her, her finger tracing the letters as she reads. Sighing, Illandra sits back in her chair, taking the untranslated document in her hand while looking down at the 'treaty' and its signatures. "I...
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    Requesting an audience

    Illandra looks around sheepishly. She'd really only ever made her way straight to the library before, never really thinking she'd need to go elsewhere. Hoping she'd been going in the right direction the entire time, she stops the closest person to ask for directions, and perhaps the protocol in...
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    In the streets of Calenhelm

    Illandra looked around, trying to find someone to deliver her note. She had written the report as clearly as she could, but without the other Arcane sanctum members to review with currently, he report wasn't much more than rumors and speculation. Along with the note, a nice handwritten letter...