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    Games available

    um, I know there is a war on and everything, but I think sometimes it's really good to relax a bit before murdering more things. So I'm going to run some dice based games, and was wondering if anyone had good times that people might how downtime, besides breakfast and Dinner of course. Here are...
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    Coming out again.

    I thought maybe I'd come out to the Valley again to deliver some supplies that are needed to folks, I know it's kind of a war zone right now and I'm not much help with that kind of thing, but I can at least brew up and deliver some potions and other supplies. Right now I'm gonna be really...
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    Flying out for January Game

    So since Polare didn't have the guts to meet my rabbit on the field of open combat in Oregon, I'm going to chase him to Seattle (I'm kidding...please don't kill me!) I'm looking for a ride of course, lazy bugger that I am, as well as to verify the best Airport to fly into is Seatac? Bonus...
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    Looking for Ritual Scroll (Earth)

    So, I don't know how long I'll be here, but I figured I'd ask while I'm here. There is a scroll by the name of "Sacrifice" if anyone happens to have one, I'll be glad to pay you in good gold for it... -Jehyu
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    This.....isn't Gaden

    I guess this isn't the first time I've tried to go to one place through the mists and ended up in another, usually there are at least people around because the mist doesn't seem to drop people off by themselves which is a good thing. Can someone please maybe give me directions to a place to...
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    Coming out to the 3-day (maybe)

    So i'm suddenly bit with a bug to travel and I'm looking at possibly coming up for the 3 day in two weeks. Is there someone who might be willing to pick me up from the airport Friday afternoon and drop me off monday-post game if I can make things work at the office? If so, I'd very much...
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    Looking for a man named Hartsboon

    Greetings all, It's not my custom to reach out into the dreamscape so soon upon arriving through the mists, but I am hoping I can find some information. I've come searching for a man named Dramsthin Hartsboon, I hold no writ or authority over him, I am simply seeking a friend that disappeared...
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    Hoping to come out to visit!

    Heya mates, I'm hoping to come out for the February 3-day but will need a ride to and from the airport, looking at flights, it looks like I'd be landing shortly after 4 on Friday, and returning on a 3 PM flight on Monday (needing to return to the airport by 2ish). I'd also like to borrow...