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  1. Azureith

    To the Refugee Elves of Eire:

    The reports are true, we have reclaimed the Island Fortress of Imirie. Her Majesty, Queen Beah has made Imirie an official part of the Kingdom of Eire and pledged its land to the elves. However the work is not yet done. We will need carpenters, stonemasons, farmers, smiths and all of the other...
  2. Azureith

    The Island and Fortress of Imirie (is still on)

    Hey everyone, I just talked to Ray and he still wants the Imirie write up to happen, he wanted me to relay that he is sorry if it seems like he's been dragging his feet, it is just very hard for him to sit down and write about something he is so invested in but knows he likely will not be able...
  3. Azureith

    In seek of teacher

    I am looking to learn how to throw smaller weapons, knives, hatchets and other such things. Anyone who is able and willing to teach I will repay with coin, food/drink or an equal exchange of knowledge including lessons on any of the skills I currently posses. Also if you know someone...
  4. Azureith

    In need of a teacher

    I will be looking for someone to teach me how to disable an opponent's arms and/or legs with a weapon, as well as how to knock someone out cold using the blunt end of a sword or what have you. I am willing to teach you a hand full of skills in return, or if you prefer I could give you coin or...
  5. Azureith

    Ode to those who recently passed.

    Two mighty defenders are struck from the sky In an instant their gone in the blink of an eye If you listen close you'll hear the town’s folk cry Oh look away. My head is heavy their bodies are bruised Our spirits shattered when we heard the news The chorus is singing it's final tune Oh look...
  6. Azureith

    Short sword needed

    Hey, I know it is short notice but I was curious if anyone would be willing to make me a short sword for this weekend. I would pay handsomely upon successful passing of said weapon.($20ish) It doesn’t need to be pretty just passable. I am also not lazy so if anyone is willing to bring a tube or...
  7. Azureith

    Old world map

    Does anyone still have a copy of the old world map? if so could you post it here or email it to me(Azureith at hotmail dot com) Thanks!
  8. Azureith

    Pipe Foam

    I have been unable to find 5/8th pipe insaluation at any of the stores in my area. Is there anyone willing and able to pick up some for me? I will pay you at the event, I plan on arriving around 11PM. If you can help me out please email me with the cost before buying it. That way there wont be a...