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  1. Vincent Tarethial

    Last minute White Belt needed :)

    Hey everyone, forgive me for the last minute request. I was wondering if anyone had an extra white belt I could borrow. Pretty please :) -Jeremy
  2. Vincent Tarethial

    Plot requires some aid from the players.

    PLOT NEEDS SOME HELP IN OCTOBER!!! Hey everyone, so I've got two announcements for the Alliance HQ October closer event. 1. I will need a dedicated person that plans to be in attendance in October and the 2018 Alliance HQ season, to play a major NPC role. This is going to have a lot of...
  3. Vincent Tarethial

    Favorites for the October HQ Finale!

    You folks know what to do. Post your favorite for the 2016 HQ season finale. #Fredrick2017
  4. Vincent Tarethial

    Sprakta report.

    another hero is down, and prior to his demise he stated that he'd be able to push the sprakta back. Does this hold any truth? Vincent Tarethial: requesting any information on newly opened boundaries.....
  5. Vincent Tarethial

    A word of caution.

    <A message across the dream realm sounding worried and smelling of rum> I'm not is any position to be delivering orders to anyone, but I implore all of you to not take this as a simple request, mates... I've got a bit of a mess for a family history, and only four brothers and myself currently...
  6. Vincent Tarethial

    Continued relief efforts

    The brought me deep sorrow when the disaster struck. This is a message to every noble and adventurer alike. I, Vincent Tarethial, extend myself and any resource at my disposal, towards continued relief efforts. I've heard news of the refugees, and those that have lost everything in the wake...
  7. Vincent Tarethial

    May Event Favorites: Alliance HQ

    Hey everyone! Hope everyone had a good time. Currently our spectacular-awesome customer service representative is off doing wonderful things for our country, so he gave me permission to start the famous "Favorites Post." Lets us know what you think. -Jeremy Rogers P.S. - My post will come...
  8. Vincent Tarethial

    The earth is angry.

    (( For purposes of understanding which character is speaking, the male and female Dryad will simply be labeled as “M” and “F” )) ((Written by: Jeremy Rogers and Britney Sirois.)) [ This message travels across the dream as if carried, even sung, by the trees themselves ] M: For too long...
  9. Vincent Tarethial

    Might need a little help.

    So it's come to my attention that I might have issues with transportation to the event. Is anyone traveling near the Syracuse NY area for the HQ opener event? Feel free to message me if anyone can help. Right now it's 50/50 whether I'll have access to a personal vehicle. And I don't want to...
  10. Vincent Tarethial

    For those that misunderstood

    After this last gather I wanted to make sure the waters were clear on a certain situation that happened to me in front of those that attended the final gathering of the season. I, Vincent Tarethial, am not a necromancer! When the dirty, undead soldiers marched into the field it could have been...
  11. Vincent Tarethial

    Stopping In while I am Home

    Flew into Syracuse NY a couple days ago and while I have access to the internet I wanted to take advantage of a chance to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years. As you some of you should know I left in May to join the Army and have been stuck in Fort Sill, OK working towards...
  12. Vincent Tarethial

    Off the Topic

    I simply wanted to put a message out that I have come across a good number of supplies such as strengthened weaponry, silvered weaponry, and even both. I also have several suits of armor I am willing to trade for cash or something very specific I am looking for. I'll be living in Ravenwood with...
  13. Vincent Tarethial


    so today was my birthday and happened to walk into work 5 mins late. And they fired me. I am the best they had and they wanted to set an example. I came home laughing HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Your fired!.... Hopefully Ill still be able to PC in October. Really looking forward to the event, If not...
  14. Vincent Tarethial

    Werewolf Buisness

    I am waiting to go back into the mists for the mean time before I venture away from Fairdale. I wanted to make sure how the three soldiers that were bitten by werewolves had come out all right and no one fell to a vial curse that was placed on them. The three that were bitten you have my...
  15. Vincent Tarethial

    Need a Dagger and Longsword Physical Rep! PM plx

    I'd like to get my hands on some new artillery for the upcoming event. I was wondering about pricing and other such things for some weapons. I'm a hardcore Lefty and prefer the lightest easiest handling weapons I can get. If anyone could message me or hit me back here that would be great...