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  1. kuro

    Just had an awsome weekend at the game in utah!

    Just had an awsome weekend at the game in utah!
  2. kuro

    Favorite October Moments

    I have many fav moments from this event here are my fave quotes and moments not in any orde 3 skeletons walk by a panterghast... no effec.. : dont knoew iff anyt of the players saw this littl einteraction.. but while stalking in the nic=ght as skeliton crunchys we happend to walk my david who...
  3. kuro

    So much fun sad to go ...

    well I wont be leaving till next year so hopefully i can be at the October and this months even ^^
  4. kuro

    So much fun sad to go ...

    thank you for the link i was atuly looking for larps there. and if all works well. perhaps i can fly in for the events here ^^ i by no means want to stop . way to much fun and to many ideas in my head.
  5. kuro

    So much fun sad to go ...

    I have had so much fun in my short time In the Alliance larp Denver chapter. sadly things in life have mae it look as if I soon shall be moving to attlanta gorgia and I am sad to go .. I will miss the awsome interactions. But. just because I am gone dose not mean i will not still try and help ...
  6. kuro

    August 2014: Best Moments, Quotes

    to date this has been the best event for me.. I got to do alot of awsome rp and realy interact with the players. I loved the tornoment. It gave npcs a chance to not just be beat on and die LOl noot that I dont enjoy that as well. .. so many favorit moments... here is my top 5. 1. geting to...