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  1. Cedric

    January Dish Shifts

    I’ll do Friday after dinner.
  2. Cedric

    How does Knighting in your lands work?

    I think being knighted for many people is a in game goal that people enjoy pursuing. I know that it varies from chapter to chapter, realm to realm. I was curious how others felt about it. 1. How is knighting handled in your realm? What's the IG story behind it? 2. Do you follow the...
  3. Cedric

    Jack-o-lanterns at Halloween

    I wanted to speak a bit about the month of October and the dangers come to the lands of Acarthia. As many know, the powers of wards fluctuate at this time of the years. No one knows entirely why, but rumors of ley line magics being syphoned off to the plane of dreams has been theorized. In...
  4. Cedric

    Vexo's Chess Tournament

    Slight change in timing. I'm allowing the next round to be played up through the Friday night of the ducal gather. The final match will be played on Saturday.
  5. Cedric

    Alliance 2.0 Rulebook: Beta 2

    Gotcha. I just think it's bad precedence at all to use rulings from 1.3 for 2.0. Asking questions about an oversight I totally get.
  6. Cedric

    Alliance 2.0 Rulebook: Beta 2

    We aren't bringing over ARC rulings from prior to 1.3 are we? Aren't we wiping those away and starting fresh?
  7. Cedric

    Race Breakup Infograph August 2019

    That's about correct in Denver. :)
  8. Cedric

    Race Breakup Infograph August 2019

    Denver’s class breakdown I think is much different than what Draven is guessing. :p
  9. Cedric

    Vexo's Chess Tournament

    The first match is complete, Belswin Torrid is the winner!
  10. Cedric

    Vexo's Chess Tournament

    Here are our brackets. The first round, I'm asking all participants to finish their game by September 15th. Starting on Sept 16th, the winners of that bracket will play their second game. They need to have it done by the 19th at the latest. The evening of the 20th we will hold the final...
  11. Cedric

    Vexo's Chess Tournament

    OOG - I'm sorry we weren't able to run this tourney at the July event. I personally just got too busy putting out fires to accomplish it. 100% on me. I'd let to finish this over the next few weeks over the dreamrealm. If you are interested, please let me know by Monday afternoon and I'll...
  12. Cedric

    GS-paid Reward for PCs

    This is on Jesse to figure out. The old 1.3 system had a spreadsheet that created randomized items. For 2.0 Jesse thought that Cory from Calgary had a spreadsheet that worked but he never tested it. When I tested it, that part of the spreadsheet was never functional. I mentioned this to him...
  13. Cedric

    August game

    Content will be run both days, correct?
  14. Cedric

    June Refund and July Price Drop?

    Thanks Jesse for getting back to us. I have updated the website. Hopefully next summer we can find an alternative to Beaver Ranch.
  15. Cedric

    June 2019 Favorite Moments!

    Thank you to all the plot, staff, NPCs and everyone who made this such an incredible game. Mr Paul Mosher Sr, thank you for the great roleplay Saturday night during dinner. It was so difficult for me to actually take the side of the Yalinthians over an Acarthian but your steadfast emotional...
  16. Cedric

    Vexo's Chess Tournament

    Sir Wolsey's mark is made as well, but clearly in the same handwriting as the initial note.
  17. Cedric

    Vexo's Chess Tournament

    Knox's signature is made below the note.
  18. Cedric

    Vexo's Chess Tournament

    (You see this posted around Deepjug's Tavern in New Acarthia) Welcome one and all for an exciting Chess Tournament during the month of July! The gamesmaster Vexo has challenged us to a game of Battle Chess later this year. In order to decide who our gamesmaster should be on our side, we have...
  19. Cedric

    Empowerments and 2.0

    I like that process myself. I sent it to the Denver plot team with my endorsement. Mike
  20. Cedric

    Buying first weapon can make custom weapons that are alliance approved (at least he’s sold to several alliance chapter player and had no issues). Great work too. 95% of my larp weapons are from him.