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    SF needs NPC's

    So, apparently Alliance SF is really wanting to epic things up as far as battles for the last three events Mike owns the chapter: August 10-12 September 7-9 November 9-11 If you want to escape the NW this fall and go see what the Bay Area is like instead, this might be a good thing.
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    Menu for NPC/Staff/Buy ins

    Food! there will be some. NPC's and working staff get it as part of their weekend price, but PC's can buy in for $20 for the full weekend meal plan! Friday evening - lasagna Green salad Garlic bread Saturday Morning - Scrambled eggs Pancakes Fresh Fruit Bacon (regular and turkey)...
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    Hi, Everybody!

    It was good to meet a bunch of the new players this past weekend. Thanks for coming out! I know I missed closing, but I had teenaged NPC's who were small, crunchy pieces of toast by the time it was over. See you all in February! Or sooner. Said teens want some fighter practices and game...
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    Rules change on DA weapons

    Hello Alliance! I am pleased to present the following rules change approved by the Alliance Chapter Owners: The Damage Aura ritual will be changed to remove all reference to the blade glowing white. Your weapon must in every other way pass inspection and the rules of your local chapter. What...
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    Latex weapons legal in Alliance!

    Here are the new Guidelines for Alliance latex weapons: 1) The latex weapon's length and overall volume must not exceed our current limits. 2) The weapon's core must be covered at all striking points with pipe foam, or foam of equivalent softness, that is no less than 5/8 of an inch in...
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    POssible addendum re: latex weapons

    The owners board is discussing allowing latex weapons with the above addendum. Thoughts?
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    Must see music video for MMO people.
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    NPC's needed

    For those of you who are not coming due to not being able to afford the site fee, I am offering double gobbies if you come and NPC for us. Only asking $10-20 depending on what you can afford.
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    Directions to Roganunda

    From the Lower Valley and Tri-Cities: * Take Interstate 82 N to Yakima * Take exit to HWY 12 *Go through Naches to the junction of HWY 12 and HWY 410 *STAY on HWY 410 (Chinook Pass) and go through Cliffdell, past Whistlin' Jack Lodge * About 1/2 mile past Whistlin' Jack Lodge is the turn...
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    How Twilight should have ended

    A far better ending to the movie, IMO.
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    July teaser

    The adventurers have gotten word from the crown that their talents are needed once again. A diplomatic message from the Dwarven Kingdom has been received and direct assistance from Andar has been requested. The Queen has sent missives to General Krieger, Baron Polare, Baron Shikar and their...
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    Ritual trade in policy

    Due to these two rituals no longer existing, Seattle is allowing players to trade them in. All trade ins must be completed by the last event of the year at Sheppard (Currently scheduled for October 30-Nov 1). No trade ins will be accepted after that date. Please note, you must contact logistics...
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    Monster camp transportation needed

    If you have a truck, SUV, space in your trunk, whatever! Please contact me via PM re: helping transport monster camp. There is a pool iof 600 gobbies which will be awarded proportionally.
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    The books are in!

    For those who pre-ordered rule books, they are in! For those of you who did not, I do have a very limitted number for sale at the event.
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    Pre-reg for March now open

    Pre-reg for March is now open. Please remember that, if you have pre-payed, you must pre-reg to maintain that price. Pre-reg will close Monday, 3/23 at midnight. When pre-regging, please remember to include any production you desire as well as any daily skills you posess. Thanks!
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    Game day pre-reg for 2/22/09

    Please post here if you plan on attending this game day. State if you will be PCing (and as which character) or NPCing. Thanks! Dave
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    Game day pre-reg for 2/7/09

    Please post here if you plan on attending this game day. Satte if you will be PCing (and as which character) or NPCing. Thanks! Dave
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    weather report for October event
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    October pre-reg list

    Jordan Flemming Seth Bird Bryan Hettinga Cymryc Moon Cassandra Moselle Adam Steiger Leigh-Ann Magill Emily Henderson Brad Lewis Phil Brown Bryan Gregory Doug Carlat Matuk Sarah Dziema Matt Oostman Carmen Swift Eric Echelbarger Crystal Mark Michael Parrot Pre-paid, not pre-regged. Mark Walker...
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    Non build skills

    I am resetting all non-build skills which we currently have floating around the game. They have been abused in some cases and have cause problems for plot in others. My thought on making this happen is this - IG explanation - The newly woven Crocevia and the reinforcement it offers the weave...