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    So the national event is same weekend as our May event, would we be able to blanket the national event/our event if we were to go national event?
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    The mad mage

    It has been 5 days since "Gonzo" got destroyed. The Deputy and Sheriff have yet to inform Nakor whom destroyed "Gonzo". Nakor has been walking back and fourth along the town twitching and muttering under his breathe "Henry will come now since Gonzo is gone".
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    Looking For Dramm

    Brunor decided to take a walk around town after dinner looking for his friend Dramm.
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    Looking For Magistrate Mobeus

    Taking a break from the forge, Brunor looks around to find Magistrate Mobeus.
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    Blacksmith Looking for Work

    Brunor is at the forge, hitting his hammer against an anvil working a small item. He glances once in a while seeing if their is any customers walking into his workshop.
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    Looking for Yetta

    Brunor opens the door to Ogre's Head Tavern and looks to see if Yetta is their.
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    Searching for a Catalyst

    Brunor heads into the market square seeking merchants to acquire a catalyst.
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    Master Blacksmith

    Brunor Deyhammer is at the forge hammering some armour. That piece looks perfect he says aloud.