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  1. Myhkul


    The wave of change that has swept through the land has left few and little unchanged. Isawda was no longer what he had been, but he was still who he had always been. Now his features only reflected his mothers people, no trace of his father race remained. While he had abandoned some of his...
  2. Myhkul

    A letter to the FateSpinner

    Sitting at a makeshift desk in a quiet area of the fort, Iswada stared at the parchment as if it would suddenly provide the answer he sought. Accepting that it would not, he reached to the quill and slowly began to write. (Message will be sent as an IBGA in a few minutes.)
  3. Myhkul

    Preparing to depart

    Standing in his quarters Isawda looks about him at the amount of items that have accumulated. As long as he and Ithawda traveled they had always carried only the most basic of supplies. Now with his time in the area, and his commitment to the Earth Circle, that was not longer the case. Facing...
  4. Myhkul

    In the Hidden City

    After say wandering the Hidden City for several days, Isawda's food pouch and water skin are empty. But also still and quiet is his mind from wandering in wonder its mysteries. His face a little leaner for those days he heads back into the Breach to restock both. As soon as that is done he is...
  5. Myhkul

    Breaching the law?

    "Then it is my duty to inform you, that Thistle, having spoken with Magnus, acting Sheriff in your absence, attempted to cast Paralysis on Sevil the Bard for her and Magnus' entertainment. Sevil Dodged the cast and ran, understandably, but both Thistle and Magnus were complicit in this act."...
  6. Myhkul


    Isawda cleared his thoughts as his body relaxed and his mind stilled. It seemed that another cross roads loomed ahead. To which of his oaths did Isawda owe the greater allegiance? As he sat in the warm sun and the power of the circle kept other intrusions at bay, he searched for the answer he...
  7. Myhkul

    Looking for Yeta

    Walking in toe Ogre's Head, Isawda looks around quietly. Now that things had settled down, for the moment, it was time to see what could be learned from the chest of the Duregar King. He had claimed that it would hold the means to shatter the crystal and release his people from the terror that...
  8. Myhkul

    Into the Darkness - Isawda team for the Dungeon Run

    Even in the city, the muttering of Dark Voices interrupts the sleep of Isawda. The Duregar Stone must be further investigated to see if the damage done by the corrupt catalyst can be corrected. The team so far is: Mike / Isawda (confirmed) Shawna / Morrigan (confirmed) Gabe / Dayna (confirmed)...
  9. Myhkul

    Formal Magic?

    Sitting in the Earth Circle, Isawda stared at the scroll unrolled on the table in front of him. If he was it to reforge himself, would he still be who he need to be? It was a question that he would have some time to ponder. Before casting it would be an option, he would need to replace the...
  10. Myhkul

    In the Commons

    Wondering the Commons, Isawda idly rubbed the jeweled piece of his bracer. Its magic had faded and would no longer protect him against the dangers attacking the Breach. Perhaps, giving away his armor (tag) to reequip another defender had been the right thing to do at the time. But it was...
  11. Myhkul

    In the Earth Circle

    Looking up from his ledger, Isawda nodded to himself. Thistle has been by far the most successful in creating and marketing the Potions that were a mainstay of the Earthcircles income and the Breaches survival. Clearly she would appear to be the best candidate to operate the primary Guilds...
  12. Myhkul

    Hammer Outfitters

    Wandering the streets, Myhkus was looking for the Hammer Outfitters. He had heard rumors in the tavern that there might be a place he could find a corner of a forge to use. His skill as an iron crafter was only very modest, but it suited him well. More people needed hinges and horseshoes than...
  13. Myhkul

    In the Earthcircle

    Sitting in the Earthcircle, Isawda put together a brief note to the Fatespinner... "My Lady Fatespinner. I am pleased to announce that the Guild in Parsons Breach was able to convene again. At that time we were able to take care of several ongoing administrative issues. Tithing - All current...
  14. Myhkul

    The Tavern

    Sitting in the tavern, Isawda quickly writes a note in the fading light. The tavern offers poor light but a solid table and a sound roof to keep the paper and quills dry. The letter is addressed to the Fatespinner and will be sent to the city with the next available trusted traveler. "My Lady...
  15. Myhkul

    Purification of a Biata

    With the message of the withdrawal from the Breach sent off to the capitol, at Laurent's direction, Isawda turns his mind to other things. Maybe returning to the Breach would allow them to redeem themselves from the fact that they have let their King stand alone. But he has another issue that...
  16. Myhkul

    Lost and Found

    Folks a silver mug with a VERY faint "Isawda" engraved on it has been lost at the Youth Camp. Please check and see if you have an extra with that faint bit of engraving. Thanks all!