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    Last Event statistics

    No worries. I do not mind an honest error, as long as it is remedied when pointed out. My name is special to me, since it is how I describe myself. Safe travels, ~Kaftar
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    Last Event statistics

    Vox, Don't forget I gave you gold for two more cures sold (five total) and one hundred and fifty copper in produced alchemy, right at the end of the gather. ~Kaftar
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    Member introductions!

    Hello! I am Kaftar. I make alchemy and I hunt undead and necromancers. I am fairly decent at both. I just recently joined the Alchemical Brotherhood, and I look forward to working with the guild.
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    Rules and Policies for 2013

    A few things I am pondering. Alchemical Entangle : Can Resist Poison protect against this? Poison Shield? Should we expect orange packets or white? Arcane Entangle : I was under the impression that this was also not magical. Seeing how I thought Resist Magic did not protect against it.
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    Looking for a ride...

    Hey guys, Sorry about how last minute this is, but the plans I had made for a ride have been changed, and I am currently unable to make it to this weekend's event. If anyone happens to be taking 84 to 91 on his or her way up to game and has room in their car for one NPC and could pick me up, I...
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    Kid's event question

    Not *everything* was killed by one slay. Just saying. So, I guess Steve is correct (it's gotta happen occasionally). No room for faulty logic and improper reasoning. :)
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    Kid's event question

    Shhhh, don't break my Pantherghoul plot: the one where it heals from and absorbs slays past the first one from any one target, and then wipes the town with 83 leftover slays...
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    Alchemy Guild?

    (Same Hobling voice as before) From the desk of Phinneus Hedgebottom: We here at Hinkleblink Holdings are pleased to inform you that we have kept the same requirements for joining and advancement as they were in the previous incarnation of the Guild. That is, to join it simply takes a basic...
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    Alchemy Guild?

    This Dream Brought to You by HInkleblink Holdings (You hear an unrecognized Hobling voice) From the desk of Phinneus Hedgebottom: It is true, your Alchemy Guild is now funded and run by the glorius minds here at Hinkleblink Holdings. We are proud to be working with all of our age's...
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    Help For a New Player? :)

    Hey there, First of all, welcome to our game! I sure hope you guys come check us out, because I'm sure you'll have a great time. Here's are my feelings in response to your questions: I personally enjoyed PCing my first event. I still read the rulebook and had a basic understanding of the many...
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    A Strange Dream

    (These happenings seem to have a surreal quality to them.) The human enters your tent and looks over at you. He shifts uncomfortably, obviously not enjoying being the bearer of bad news. “It’s over, Maddock.” he says. “It is decided, us outsiders are here to stay.” With that, the man turns and...
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    A Strange Dream

    (This experience seems somewhat ephemeral.) You are working your forge, masterfully crafting raw metal into what many would call art, but all would call impressive arms and armors. Suddenly, a voice rings out, “Grim, trolls outside!” You grab your blade and rush out to meet your hated enemy. As...
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    A Strange Dream

    Ravineous’ Journal Entry 5654345234345.) This sucks. Funny how I was patting myself on my back about being so clever that no one would be able to follow me, but now that is what I desire the most. But look at me, getting ahead of myself. Let’s go back a bit. I was so giddy when I...
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    A Strange Dream

    Ravineous’ Journal Entry 563.) Ok, so things are getting a bit more interesting around here now. I found that source of power that I felt. I think it was being guarded or something. Barely noticed it if it was, but that means someone is probably going to want it back. I may have gone a...
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    A Strange Dream

    Ravineous' Journal Entry 3294.) Bored. Bored! BORED! There is absolutely nothing to do around here any more. There’s been no meddlesome adventurers around recently, but at least that would be a change from the tedious humdrum of the last few months. I’ve even littered awesome little doodads all...
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    Pre-registration for the June 24 event: CLOSED

    Re: Pre-registration for the June 24 event: DEADLINE SUNDAY Missed the notes field. The payment sent from too_one_dee was from me: Dan Aldi playing Delaldur, member #1901.
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    Seeking a Ward

    Hello, I am seeking for someone to cast a ward for myself for the upcoming gathering in a few days. I apologize for the late notice. Please leave a note here or send me a private letter with any relevant information. My Thanks, Delaldur
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    Alliance Survival Horror Event - Who wants in?

    Sounds like a good time to me. Count me in.
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    Staempunk LARP? Zombie LARP?

    Huh, pretty neat concept. Perhaps there is an defensive location nearby with no food stores, which could explain the abscence of characters of PCs who aren't there and why it is vital to hold the farm? Just a random thought.
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    Made it Home

    Just putting a message up because a few people asked me to post so that they knew that Steve and I managed to make it home safely. We did. Thanks to everyone who stuck around with the tire trouble and lent their support and company. ~Dan