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  1. NightEyes

    OOG Archery, The Bow and you

    While I was overwatching the archery tournament this last event I noticed something disturbing. roughly half the participants didn't seem to know how to properly hold, aim, or fire a bow. While in our urual games this is not an issue, since we use thrown packets and stringless bows, it was...
  2. NightEyes

    New Acarthia Merchants Guild

    Jesse has put a few people in charge of running the Merchants guild in the future, Myself, Keith Gold (usually known as Radulvur) and Katherine Allen (Arcadia), all whom will be occationaly playing reoccuring NPC's for the role. With the Merchants guild of New Acarthia actually reforming and...
  3. NightEyes

    Padding for shaft and pommel on Spear/Polearm

    I have been looking through the Rules as well as the weapons eratta and cannot seem to find any clarification on this; "In general, a good rule of thumb is to leave no more than one-quarter of the length of the weapon unpadded for a grip, though this depends on the specific type of weapon. For...
  4. NightEyes

    In Character Larp-safe non flame light sources

    A frequently occurring issue with LARP is darkness, and acting in that darkness, whether it is fighting in a field, or trying to disarm a trap in a dark building. Solutions so far are 'chem light' sticks, either actual or battery powered, and an occasional attempt at a lantern or candle, which...
  5. NightEyes

    NPC Rideshare Thread

    To prevent the eventual glut of individual Ride share threads, we can post them all in here Be sure to include : Where you are coming from, Space needs (baggage/weapons/etc), and if applicable, days/times if they are unusual or limiting, like 'I cannot leave until after 6:00pm'
  6. NightEyes

    Posible sale at-cost items - Throwing reps

    Posted national level, but started Denver side here I am in process of determining the valid use of foam stress balls as throwing weapon representations, however they cannot be purchased in small quantity, and become...
  7. NightEyes

    Star Shaped Throwing Weapons

    A roomate brought home a foam stress ball from US Bank that was shaped like a 5 pointed star. my immediate thought was 'Foam Shuriken', so I did some research. You can buy the things in mass for about 50-75 cents a piece... if you order a few hundred of them at once. (75cents each for 150, 55...