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  1. Toddo

    Interesting times

    You people run a fun and interesting battle, I think I may stay a while. I definately need to learn more about the threats you face so that I can bring my unique talents to bear on your behalf. Anybody who wants to answer thousands of questions while I participate in a "rad" adventure should say...
  2. Toddo

    To the crew of the Hero's Folly

    I blame myself. Those who survived the attack please meet me in South Point. From there we sail to the Camulan Isles so that we can equip the Folly as we had discussed. Any who wish to no longer serve on my vessel will be paid wages as if they had honorably completed their term of service. To...
  3. Toddo

    The Storm is gone

    So I assume we won? What did I miss? -Dorgun the tardy Osprey
  4. Toddo

    Burglary Challenge at Tourney

    Greetings to all you, um, locksmiths out there. I've been reading about your tournaments and I see that there is usually a "cultural" bit where guests can compete or provide an event for people to enjoy. As the resident Osprey I've decided to issue a challenge to those who like to fiddle with...
  5. Toddo

    A place to rest

    It seems that I will be going to Fairedale in a week's time and am in need of a place to lay my head that is untainted by Warding magics. I will gladly aid in defense of this space if there are others who are of like mind. Dorgun of the Osprey
  6. Toddo

    The Curse of Destiny Stuff

    Awesome read, but are these dreams everyone's having?
  7. Toddo

    Ride Needed

    Hey all, I'm moving to PA tomorrow and since I'm driving the truck down I have to leave my car in CT, would anybody coming through CT (I'm right off 84) be able to give me a ride back to CT from the event. I'll gas and feed ya. -toddo
  8. Toddo

    Do you like silver?

    I sure do. What I don't like is people being all angry in my dreams all the time. So. For those of us who aren't so terribly important and serious all of the time I want to give you a chance to earn coins. Not many, because fate seems to decree that I only kill the poor and raid the...
  9. Toddo

    A Good Death

    Hey All, With the new permanent death rules I was curious, what would you consider a good death? At what point would you take the "last chance" life? Would you take the one life to live option if the manner of your death was cool enough?
  10. Toddo

    Magic Item Free Campaigns

    *Split topic* Do chapters have to participate in the Ritual treasure system? I know you can't put out more, but what about less? Like zero less. I may check with the owners about running a sub-campaign where the entire ritual system is absent. "Magic Items" are production scrolls and potions...
  11. Toddo

    Magic Inert Race

    Imagine if you will a PC race that is completely incapable of Activating or using magic items bound in physical objects, I'm talking just spirit rituals here if they want to use ritual system treasure at all. They are still effected as normal by spells, but cannot use magic items at all, they...
  12. Toddo

    Purple Names on board?

    What's that about?
  13. Toddo

    Wards and Circles

    To all gathering for His Majesty's funeral, Let it be known that in the estate of Abbot it is unlawful for private citizens to cast a Ward spell or lesser Circle of Power without having a noble, member of the estate guard or member of the local Mage's or Healer's guild invested. Guardsmen and...
  14. Toddo

    Major Rules Changes

    Would it be possible to start putting major rules changes (such as the weapon construction guidelines) in the Official Announcements section for the ease of new players? This forum is useful, but I've found that players tend to only check here if they're Marshals or have posted a question and...
  15. Toddo

    Call to Arms!

    All those who wish to defend our fair Kingdom and are not part of the formal military are hereby commanded to report with all haste to the hamlet of Fairdale in the Ashbury Ducal Fiefs. The bulk of the Galanthian Army has stolen a march on us and stands ready to overrun our front lines. This...
  16. Toddo

    Snake? SNAAAAAAKE! ... lid-snake/ Ok, at the end of MGS4 I watched a legit one hour and 45 minute end movie that pretty much had mofo die of old age and severe head trauma on camera. Don't get me wrong, I hate "I'm so fancy and I need to talk out my relationship problems...
  17. Toddo

    Why you want to play next week...

    1. You have legerdemain and want to use it to disarm traps and open locks. 2. You play a Hobling. 3. The event takes place in one of the most fun areas of the Tar'Navarran map rather than boring old Icenia. 4. You have items you want to buy and want to play in a place where pretty much...
  18. Toddo

    Auction Announcement

    Greetings to all patrons past and future, In honor of the diplomatic visit of some of Icenia's heroes to the Kingdom of Home, the Liche's Hoard Trading Company will be holding an auction on the evening of the 15th day of this month. Those who have attended our auctions before need not be...
  19. Toddo

    Looking for Writers!

    Hey all you potential (and current) plot writers! The National Plot Team is looking for submissions of Modules, Fishbowls and other encounters to add to the National event. Got a great idea for a Module? The National team will happily take a look at it and if approved we'll run it on the...
  20. Toddo

    Post Opener Writeups!

    This is just a reminder that between-game writeups are due in by midnight this coming Sunday (4/29). Please see the stickied post above for the guidelines on what and how to submit. :) Also, we will have a whole new system for writeups going into effect after the second event. Details will be...