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  1. Undrask

    Guild Promotions

    Tvard Sendal, for the Sages' Guild Tvard Sendall: Tradesman Eligible for Promotion to Master (after Thesis) Jadden Ta'hor'i: Apprentice Eligible for Promotion to Journeyman V: Apprentice Eligible for Promotion to Journeyman
  2. Undrask


    Yo I'm Frisco! I'm originally from Colorado, then Pittsburgh, now Lancaster PA. I play the Gettysburg and Headquarters so far, but I really wanna spread myself a bit more. I've only been playing for about 2 years If we're honest, I watched Role Models and I was like, "I would totally do the...
  3. Undrask

    BRIEF Overview of New Guild Policies

    ((Blanketing doesn't count for the purposes of Guild activity, no. However, you won't be penalized for not attending, it just won't count as an Active event towards promotion.))
  4. Undrask

    August Favorites

    -Mouthing a rainbow flower. Dan was a champ, despite frustrating PCs! -Tea party was awesome, thank you so much for allowing me to be awful. The tea was lovely, and the food was greatly appreciated. I will really endeavor to contribute next time! -Leela is a great new character. I'm so glad you...
  5. Undrask

    Great announcement to all those who are interested!

    The Drunken Archery Competition was expertly executed and a great joy to participate in. I'm not just saying that because I won. -Tvard
  6. Undrask

    To ALL Current Guild Members of ALL Guilds

    (OOC: This note can be found in all local Guild Halls and meeting places such as taverns.) There have been several new Guild policies that apply to ALL active Guild members. These changes have been made to reduce the confusion, error and overall paperwork of the Guild leaders, and to insulate...
  7. Undrask

    BRIEF Overview of New Guild Policies

    3: There will be no Guild membership requirement to rank up to a higher rank; there can be any number of members of any rightfully-earned rank.
  8. Undrask

    BRIEF Overview of New Guild Policies

    The following Addendums were discussed and approved during the Guild Leader's meeting: 1: If any member of the Guild has positively contributed to the Guild BETWEEN events when Promotion Points could be awarded, during the next event they will be considered to be ACTIVE. For example, if a...
  9. Undrask

    BRIEF Overview of New Guild Policies

    Joining The current Guild Leader sets the standards for joining their branch of their Guild, but there are standardized materials provided by the Higher Guild Authority which should set the standard for accepting new members. Promotion During a meeting of the Guild, or during a moment of...
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    Great announcement to all those who are interested!

    Oh good! I enjoy this conversion. Drink everything you own soon, Tvard
  11. Undrask

    Announcement from the Great Guilds of Barran

    I will be present, with some documents of my own. Tvard Sendal, Sage's Guild
  12. Undrask

    A Dragon Friend

    My sister has an affinity for tiny soft dragons. Because she's a BAAAAABY. Tvard Sendal, too drunk to care that she is going to stab me
  13. Undrask

    Dame Kailani

    Oi, you lot behave yourself til I get there, alright? No need to be giving sister Kai any more game than she's already got, yeah? Excited to meet more of the clan. Tvard Sendal
  14. Undrask

    July event pre-registration

    Frisco Cruise to play Tvard
  15. Undrask

    For HQ July - Re: Masquerade Ball

    All I care about is big fancy masks and wearing a stunning jacket.
  16. Undrask

    The Scott Kondrk appreciation thread

    I appreciate all the damn hard work and construction it requires to keep the site up and running in as safe a way as possible!
  17. Undrask

    A question for Dame Kailani

    Ignore Mum, get hammered and snog. Love, Your Big Brother Tvard
  18. Undrask

    Plate slide

    Also, the thicker and softer you can make your under passing, the better. Faux fur works perfectly unless you're a human.
  19. Undrask

    Plate slide

    I seriously just use my hands and bend it to fit me. Without armor to attach to above the shoulder, they're gonna slide a little. However, you can make them just tight enough by bending the two ends closer together. The thing is that you have to base how much you bend it based on the spacing of...
  20. Undrask

    Why Are Ogres Yellow

    Aight, as long as I'm not missing some glaring detail. Thanks man