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  1. AlikVanmil

    A meeting with the Fate Spinner

    The doors of the enclave open and a young Tari'Nor in a red hood walks through. He strides towards the front desk. Once he reaches the desk he bows his head to the woman sitting there. "Good afternoon, I have heard tell that the Lady Zanthia has returned from her travels. I realize she has many...
  2. AlikVanmil

    Dish Washing Stamp Collecting

    Hi, I just wondering how those of us that helped out in the dish pit should go about collecting our GS. I remember that there was a list of chapters where it was said we would be getting GS from, I just can't remember them all. Thanks, - LT
  3. AlikVanmil

    Seeking a Spirit Forge.

    Greetings fellow adventurers, With the coming gathering of so many lands, I wish to see if any of those that will be aiding in the campaign would be able to help me and my allies find a Spirit Forge catalyst. Such magical ingredients are near impossible to find in our homeland. We wish to...
  4. AlikVanmil

    More That 2 Horns?

    Hi all, I just had a question: My character just recently changed to a Mystic Wood Elf and I have been trying to decide how I want to wear my horns, at first I wanted to do something big and bold. But my chapter has a size restriction on how big a MWE's horns can be. Then I found this really...
  5. AlikVanmil

    Question about refitting Arcane Armour

    Hi, I just had a quick question regarding Arcane Armour and it's interaction with Master Blacksmithing. From a mechanical stand point, the rule book stays that: "A character with 20 or more levels of Blacksmith is considered a Master and gains the ability to refit armour in 30 seconds as...
  6. AlikVanmil

    Potion Coating Clarification

    Hello, just wanting some clarification on the "Potion Coating" Ritual effect. Potion Coating - The Potion Coating Ritual allows an Earth Potion to be applied to a weapon in the same manner as a contact poison. These are delivered with the Spell qualifier. This Ritual may be combined with other...
  7. AlikVanmil

    Spiritual Smith

    Hey all, My question is about the "Spiritual Smith" effect. The effect is as follows in V0.7. Spiritual Smith - This Ritual will imbue a suit of armor with helpful Spirits. Once per day, the owner of the suit, when using a Fast Refit skill to refit this suit of armor, will require only 3...
  8. AlikVanmil

    Earth Celestial balance

    What they should put in is "Earth aspect wands." But instead of it having damage charges it has healing charges. No joke... they should really put this in. EDIT: It doesn't even have to be a wand if they want to keep it a celestial only thing. It could be like a "Totem" with Xnumber of healing...
  9. AlikVanmil

    Armoured Hood

    Hello, I've searched the forum to try and find information about this topic but they didn't turn up much. So my question is this, if I were to make a hood out of garment leather and put studs on it. Would that count for head armour. Seen seeing that it would cover both the neck and head when...
  10. AlikVanmil

    Time to Set out

    Scarlett looks around his room at the Hammer Outfitter’s barracks. ‘I think that’s everything’ He thinks to himself. He shoulders on his tightly packed bundle of clothes and supplies then sets out. Walking down the halls he can hear the sounds of hammers hitting metal repeatedly and the smell of...
  11. AlikVanmil

    Learning from nationals

    Hi there, I was just wondering if or when the teaching we got at nationals would show up on our characters. There are some things that I learned at nationals that would like to put points into. Sorry I would learn them again but... well... it's complicated...
  12. AlikVanmil

    A Humble Request to the Fate Sprinner for a new Beginning

    Rain falls all around Scarlett as he walks down the streets of the capitol. His nerves still slightly shot from his meeting with the Archmage. 'He's right... It was a foolish notion to think that I could do anything to keep people from dying. Potions only last so long and I haven't the knowledge...
  13. AlikVanmil

    An Offer to the Archmage.

    Scarlet adjusts his vest as he leaves his forge. he walks through the marketplace with purpose towards his goal. He stops in front of the Sanctum's massive doors. 'One last chance to turn back' he thinks to himself. He turns around to leave then stops in his tracks 'No, I have to do this...
  14. AlikVanmil

    Weapon Width

    Hello all, GB Scarlet here again and as per usual I have a question. It came up over this past weekend about the horizontal width of a weapon. And I was wondering if there was any precedent on the matter. If I remember correctly the marshal said that technically, there werent any set in stone...
  15. AlikVanmil

    Out of Chapter Blanketing Question

    Hello, I was just wondering what SF's policy is on people from other chapters blanketing your events. I.E Back blanketing, Donations ETC. Thanks a bunch
  16. AlikVanmil

    Blanketing Events for Non-Local People

    Hello, I was wondering what your chapter's policy is on people from other capers blanketing your events. I glanced over your website but couldn't seem to find any information about it. Would love to hear from you guys, thanks a bunch :)
  17. AlikVanmil

    Blanketing Events for Non-Local People

    Hello, I was wondering what your chapter's policy is on people from other capers blanketing your events. I glanced over your website but couldn't seem to find any information about it. Would love to hear from you guys, thanks a bunch :)
  18. AlikVanmil

    National Event Information?

    Hi everyone, Myself and a few of my companions are considering going to the National event in a few months, we are trying to make a decision soon so we can start budgeting accordingly. Is there any word on when any information will be coming out? Such as cost of entry, lodging, food plan...
  19. AlikVanmil

    Magic items at nationals

    Hello, I just had a quick question about magic items. I have Arcane armor at my local chapter. Would I be allowed to use it at nationals or would I need to bring my real armor? Thanks
  20. AlikVanmil

    Are Sarr Always Fighters?

    Greetings all, I have a question for anyone that plays or knows the culture of the Sarr. I got an idea for a Sarr alchemist character. Going through the Racial package and the rulebook it says that they prefer to use edged weapons and don't look kindly on magics. Would it be possible to have...