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  1. jpariury

    July event date change

    Mainly I want to get this down in a public area that the staff is more or less anticipated to see it, and to make sure it was openly described: I'm pretty disappointed in the manner in which the date change for the July event was communicated. I don't play many events a year (and I suspect my...
  2. jpariury

    Auction with Mist-Touched Scrolls

    For those unaware, I am auctioning off a number of scrolls in my stores, including two graced with the touch of the mists. Details can be found in this line of thought. I am happy to send via carrier should you not soon be likely to visit our lands. @~}~~ Sir Gregor Orpheus Dimitris Clan of...
  3. jpariury

    Re: photo permissions

    Does it strike anyone else as weird that you have to opt out of having your photo used in the rulebook, rather than explicitly grant permission?
  4. jpariury

    Formal Scrolls for Sale

    Greetings and Salutations, By way of introduction, I am Sir Gregor Orpheus Dimitris of the Knights of the Vale. I am currently auctioning off a number of formal magic scrolls, including many that I believe should work in these lands, as well a few for Sedovia, one from Enneret, and a couple...
  5. jpariury

    Formal Scrolls for Sale

    Greetings and Salutations, By way of introduction, I am Sir Gregor Orpheus Dimitris of the Knights of the Vale. I am currently auctioning off a number of formal magic scrolls, including 1 that I believe should work in these lands, as well a few for Ceriopolis and Sedovia, plus a couple that...
  6. jpariury

    Formal Scrolls for Sale

    Greetings and Salutations to my friends of old and new, as well as strangers one and all! The Vale of Roses, from which I hail, has come across new growth, and peoples from far and wide seek its shelter. In order to procure the necessary supplies to allow for expansion of our small fiefdom, I...
  7. jpariury

    LARPs and Gypsies

    This discussion is food for thought. Before offering my own opinion, I'm curious what other people think.
  8. jpariury

    Issues with account

    My wife's forum account "Slice" appears to be having issues. It wasn't taking her password, so she attempted to reset using the "lost password" function a number of months back. The new password hadn't worked (it continued to return 'wrong password') and she eventually just went off and did...
  9. jpariury

    Rankin/Bass characters as Alliance characters/monsters

    The purpose of this thread to have some fun during the holiday season. Any attempts at too-much-seriousness and scroogery should be dealt with harshly by the Paladins, imo. Pick some of your favorite Rankin/Bass characters (Frosty the Snowman, King Moonracer, Hermy the Dentist Elf, etc.) and...
  10. jpariury

    Re: the role of plot/hobby vs. "employment"

    (Not quoting Toddo to pick on him in particular, mostly using it as a launching point for discussion.) So, in broad strokes, I disagree here. Yes, LARPing is, on some level, a hobby. And yes, as a form of employment, the pay sucks, but that's okay because the hours are long. But I generally...
  11. jpariury

    Standing Guard in a LARP

    Some good points made here. I know I've run this well, and run it badly. What is your flow as a plot person? What do you do as a PC to keep it interesting?
  12. jpariury

    Missing shoes

    Did anyone happen to double-check the ramp-cabin in the Meadow on Monday? I appear to be missing my Vibram Five-Fingers.
  13. jpariury

    Item Recall + Spirit Link/Lock

    Item Recall has the following language: This ritual cannot be placed upon an item that is already spirit linked or spirit locked. It makes no statements, though, that Spirit Link/Lock cannot be cast on an object which already has Item Recall on it, and neither do the other two scrolls. Nor is...
  14. jpariury

    April Event Favorite Moments/Raves

    It'd been a while since I'd been able to make it out to a game, and I usually spend most of my time in the kitchen, so, to be honest, I wasn't certain that I'd know what to do with myself with all that spare time to actually run around. Luckily, the awesome plot team that set everything into...
  15. jpariury

    Does anyone have a pair of short sword reps they could loan?

    While packing for my flight, I realized/decided that I have no particularly good way to wrap my latex shorties that I feel safe with. Might I beg of someone a favor and borrow a pair? I have tags for 'em.
  16. jpariury

    Item Pick List

    So, did this stop being a thing? If not, has a new list ever been generated?
  17. jpariury

    Follow-up Q: "all rituals abide by the flaw's restriction"

    Just to make explicit - the statement "all rituals abide by the flaw's restriction" is not intended to act as a suppression of the ritual effects, and be read as applying to qualities inherent to the object, is it? i.e. a Rendered sword with the flaw "not usable by elves" doesn't become...
  18. jpariury

    What is the Alliance?

    The rules thread wasn't really the place for this discussion, but I'm curious. I can read a lot of things into it, based on my own filters and prejudices, but I figured I should ask for clarity. What do you mean when you say "we are a true Alliance"? What is a step too far, and what are the...
  19. jpariury

    Clarification on "Concentration while in a Prison" response

    My apologies for following-up on this. The answer here seems to suggest that you can neither maintain nor begin to use a Concentration effect while under a "No Game Abilities" effect. While the logic of "if you had a MEC Storm up, and took a Drain, your MEC Storm goes away" is fairly clear...
  20. jpariury

    Concentration while in a Prison

    Since there are marshals on both sides of the fence: can you maintain or perform actions that require concentration while under a Prison effect, so long as the somatic requirements are also achieved? i.e. maintain Repel/Desecrate/Sanctuary/Fortress, maintain (but not case) a MEC Storm, refit...