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  1. NightEyes

    November Donation List

    I have a 2handed sword and a 2handed mace I prepped and built up to give NPC camp for early this spring and only recently got to finishing them. I'll try to get them brought out by someone in November since I most likly am not attending.
  2. NightEyes

    Site Cleanup Report for May

    do we have details about what sort of problems there were in the cabins and common areas, if not specifics of where? Was it issues with leftover trash, not sweeping, bathrooms, did we leave stuff behind we were suppose to take.. or take stuff we were supposed to leave behind. That sort of thing
  3. NightEyes

    Donations Needed for June

    I can spit out a few dozen more of those white headbands I've been making, but if anyone needs gobbies they're welcome to make them instead, I really don't need the points
  4. NightEyes

    Increased rewards for NPC shifts

    as an added bonus, NPCing is a great way to work off any built up anger against the nobility or your in game friends by taking a short time to try and maim and/or kill them (just pretend killing them of course)
  5. NightEyes

    Goats for Gobbies (Stolen from the HQ chapter)

    Most of, if not all of these things are purchasable for in game coin as well through logistics or Merchant Guild, and occationally go out as treasure from mods. Items purchased for gobbies will however only be purchased back for the usual GS:Copper rates that logistics would be giving anyway...
  6. NightEyes

    Food/Kitchen/Meals - April 2017

    If planning to use the kitchenettes, bring everything except the kitchen sink. got it
  7. NightEyes

    Food/Kitchen/Meals - April 2017

    On the note of kitchens and eating, I know I have heard that each cabin has it's own kitchenette. Do we have any sort of rules policy about these? Do we know how well stocked they are with things like pots/pans flatware? Do they have stoves and sinks, or just microwave and fridge
  8. NightEyes

    Castle Day and you!

    I don't see it in that info, but Cost differences? assuming that a castle for 6 hours is a price scale we're not used to exactly for an event. Also assuming we're not to be doing fighting or anything and this will be an RP only event.
  9. NightEyes

    November's menu

    you won't be completely alone in the kitchen Jack, I'm looking to be there. I can't carry half the load, but I can take a chunk off your shoulders and give you an extra set of hands.
  10. NightEyes

    September 2016 Cabin Assignments

    Do we have full use of the NPC camp again? last event we were down one of the major rooms, and never got the back room again either
  11. NightEyes

    Tandy discount!!!

    is this a 'for period of time' or 'whenever'?
  12. NightEyes

    November's menu.

    Was the apple soda something people enjoyed? should I provide more? I mean I get the stuff for less then $2 a bottle, so I'll bring more so long as people like it, but if it's not a seller then I won't bother.
  13. NightEyes

    OOG Archery, The Bow and you

    Was a side thought, but likely for the best not to. I hesitate to suggest going to a devoted archery range for monetary reasons, as range time can quickly become expensive and may require memberhsips. For people who just want to learn basics to be able to hit a target from 20 feet away like we...
  14. NightEyes

    October's menu.

    You still doing the weekend long soup?
  15. NightEyes

    OOG Archery, The Bow and you

    Good point.. and the people who already IG know archery skill likely would not sit around for an in character lesson on archery because they 'already know how to shoot'. I'll look into stuff for ladybug park and others. see if there are any policies or rules that would stop me from bringing a...
  16. NightEyes

    OOG Archery, The Bow and you

    While I was overwatching the archery tournament this last event I noticed something disturbing. roughly half the participants didn't seem to know how to properly hold, aim, or fire a bow. While in our urual games this is not an issue, since we use thrown packets and stringless bows, it was...
  17. NightEyes

    September 415 Favorite Moments, Deadlines, Feedback, & IBGAs!

    As a long term NPC, This last event was both terrifying and exilirating for me. - Submitting and marshaling/running an encounter module - Nearly having a group of players accidentaly turn bandit - having coin in my pocket that was not intended to be handed off to a player when I was killed -...
  18. NightEyes

    New Acarthia Merchants Guild

    Finalized charter (unless someone finds a glaring error that three of us missed) will be available in game in the Merchants guild, as well as the availability of the Merchant Guard corps, an elite cadre of cyber ninja assassins that ride heavily armed steam tanks down the trade routes while...
  19. NightEyes

    New Acarthia Merchants Guild

    The Merchants guild won't sell items below their production costs, that would be silly and horrible business sense. 'Batch' items in Alliance are backward from reality, where in reality doing several at once of the same thing might bring your production costs down, and raise your output, in...
  20. NightEyes

    New Acarthia Merchants Guild

    The system Jesse had us with was that the Merchants guild does not sell potions or scrolls, nor do they buy potions or scrolls. Those are for Mages and Healers guilds. The Merchants Guild buys and sells weapons and armor, projectiles, elixirs, weapon coatings, alchemy, and possibly things like...