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  1. Undrask

    To ALL Current Guild Members of ALL Guilds

    (OOC: This note can be found in all local Guild Halls and meeting places such as taverns.) There have been several new Guild policies that apply to ALL active Guild members. These changes have been made to reduce the confusion, error and overall paperwork of the Guild leaders, and to insulate...
  2. Undrask

    BRIEF Overview of New Guild Policies

    Joining The current Guild Leader sets the standards for joining their branch of their Guild, but there are standardized materials provided by the Higher Guild Authority which should set the standard for accepting new members. Promotion During a meeting of the Guild, or during a moment of...
  3. Undrask

    Why Are Ogres Yellow

    Orcs are green and have tusks. Ogres are pallet-swaps of orcs, so they have to be a color, right? NOPE THEY SURE DON'T. Why are Ogres yellow? Why not just put in tusks and be like, "I'm not green and I have tusks, so I must be an ogre!" Sure, yellow can be optional, and I'm sure some cultures...
  4. Undrask

    Triangle Math For Complex Shields

    Ok, so my shield is a curvy mess. It is not a shape that has an easily found area, so that kind of puts me at odds with a lot of rules marshals. Due to the whole, "Rules" thing and having to follow them or whatever. HOWEVER, I have found a solution. Here it is: Step 1: Measure the perimeter of...
  5. Undrask

    Funeral of Mathias and Lavinia

    If you remain within the city, you may notice Tvard constructing a large wooden pyre near enough to the town square. Today he places the body of Mathias and the crumbled remains of Lavinia upon the perch, nestled amid the dried wood and tinder. He posts a notice in the Tavern that makes it known...
  6. Undrask

    Circle Of Power

    Greetings, fellow denizens of Barran. I am seeking out a way to permanently create a circle of power. I do not know much, and I don't know what it's worth, but I'm looking for it. Contact me if you can help me in this. I will compensate you as best I can. In Service, Tvard Sendall
  7. Undrask

    Lost A Big Bag Of Ears, Feathers Etc

    Ok so I left a hugeass bag of prosthetics in NPC camp. It had some jewelry, some green and black feathers, some goateye contacts, fawn ears, spirit gum and a few other things. It was left on the countertop on the right side, near the mirror. Anyone snag that?
  8. Undrask

    Sage's Specialties

    It is my earnest intention to aid in the organization and effective gathering of knowledge within the Sage's Guild. As such, I believe it would be beneficial for each member of the Guild to list those subjects in which they are most well educated. It would be foolish to assume that we all all...
  9. Undrask

    Badass Plain Glass Bottles w/ Corks Probably not best for running around and falling over with, but if you're careful or want to use them for props these are pretty cheap and easy.
  10. Undrask

    Codex Elosdi: I pay you money, you tell me stories

    Dear friends and colleagues! I, ironically, reach you through the dream to ask you to aid me in my research. I have been given a task by the Sage's Guild of Barran: to write and complete a codex on Elosdi in all forms. This codex will include information about anatomy, behavior, abilities, life...
  11. Undrask

    Be Safe

    I have heard a few dreams that would indicate a gather may be occurring soon. I am busy with a multitude of work, but I simply want to wish you all well and encourage ou to be safe. I am not a native to your lands, but you have shown me kindness which is less than common where I am from. I would...
  12. Undrask

    A Final Chance To Forgive The Wraith

    In battle, anger is our ally. It bolsters our hearts and drives our blades with more strength. Anger purifies our mind of guilt, of regret, of fear. It is a great tool, and a tool that should be readily used by those who fight, and especially those who fight for their lives. I do not begrudge...
  13. Undrask

    Vagabond Masks and Jewelry

    Kest Schwartzman has been one of my favorite artists for years, and she produces a simply AMAZING line of copper masks, chokers, earrings and other copper jewelry. My two favorite masks are both by her and both are one of a kind! Please please please check her out, and as much as I love it when...
  14. Undrask

    Physician's Services & Wares Available

    Greetings from beyond the mists! I have heard whisperings of a market that will be available on the day of Death, same as the ball! I plan on making my services available to all those who seek me out. I will be bringing a large assortment of goods as well as offering physical exams, muscular...
  15. Undrask

    Big Horns And Combat Would either of those...
  16. Undrask

    Visual Effects For Resist and No Effect

    IG, can we tell the difference between a Resist and a No Effect? I would assume so.
  17. Undrask

    Black Hoodie

    When I was sorting the NPC garb somebody accidentally put my black hoodie in a "to be washed" basket. I pulled it out, no biggy, but it either got dropped or got put back into the NPC dirty laundry bags. Did anyone notice a XXL black hoodie that's literally falling apart? It's been my favorite...
  18. Undrask

    Flubberdoop Lore Ideas

    I loved the idea we've got going on in the thread. I am waaaaayyyy more interested in blathering on about Lore possibilities though, and that needs a split thread. So here we are. I PROPOSE that the noble race of Flubberdoops are not a...
  19. Undrask

    Pittsburgh HQ Players

    Are there any players that are near Pittsburgh or along the way that wouldn't mind waiting a little longer to arrive on site? I get out of class at 4 on Friday, which is a bit inconvenient for everyone who takes off work to go, but I would greatly appreciate a carpooling opportunity for all or...
  20. Undrask

    PC Engagement Metrics

    This might have already come up, but I just now thought of it and I think its clever, so indulge me! As a member of a Plot team, your job is basically figuring out how to keep your paying players entertained with the limited resources available to you. The most important resource you have is...