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  1. Gebous

    Possible Rep delivery to the 3/26 event from CT

    Hey all, is anyone able to help deliver a rep from CT to the 3/26 event? My son’s birthday party is that weekend so attending the event isn’t happening. I can meet up with you the week prior around CT or even possibly NY or MA depending. Message me if you can help out. Thanks! Will K
  2. Gebous


    Just paid for myself and Meg, so you should see 2 PayPal transactions. We would like to be in Wyvern. We’ll be playing Gebous and Aisling.
  3. Gebous

    Stormbreak may Event

    I will be PCing. But showing up Saturday morning. Paid and prelogisted.
  4. Gebous

    October 5 - October 7 Players List for Play Test Event

    Videa is a level cap game so 213 is fine. I’ll get the blanket after the event. Thanks!
  5. Gebous

    October 5 - October 7 Players List for Play Test Event

    GB sent my card to NH, but I’m not sure if you got it or not. Should be 213 xp Ogre Scholar.
  6. Gebous

    October 5 - October 7 Players List for Play Test Event

    Will do. Yeah I missed the setup instructions. Thanks!
  7. Gebous

    October 5 - October 7 Players List for Play Test Event

    Paid for Kahbibulin. I wasn’t able to login to the 2.0 site. It kept erroring saying my email was already taken.
  8. Gebous

    Blacksmithing Requests

    Howdy all, I’ll be making my way back to Wydael later this week. Is there anything anyone needs from my forge? I currently can make 7 quivers of arrows or bolts a night. I am also skilled at strengthening weapons as long as you provide the 50 silvers worth of materials. I can be reached by...
  9. Gebous

    Pre-reg for June 29 event

    Registered and paid to PC Olē. I should be bringing a new PC along.
  10. Gebous

    Nationals 2018 favorite moments

    Sorry, double Posted.
  11. Gebous

    Nationals 2018 favorite moments

    Hey guys! Thanks for an awesome time! Gebous had a great time meeting new people. Favorites in no particular order. 1. Going on the first tower mod with a bunch of people who didn’t know my play style. Being able to rogue in a tunnel fight is always a challenge. When things went bad I shifted...
  12. Gebous

    Alliance National 2018 FAQ

    Will there be a list of pre-regged players? I’ve pre-logisted and pre-paid, just checking to see if my information was received. Thanks
  13. Gebous

    Alliance National 2018 FAQ

    Just a question about the event time frame. For those of us preparing to fly in, when will game be over on Sunday? Previous Nationals have ended late Saturday night to accommodate players leaving Sunday morning.
  14. Gebous

    2017 Plot Teaser

    I believe the mists are beckoning me to your land. Is there a landmark or magical beacon I can use when mistwalking to your area? I hate popping out in the middle of nowhere. Also does anyone need anything Celestially spellcrafted? I'm going to stop by Havredath to pick up our Create Limited...
  15. Gebous

    Selling Ritual scrolls and Magic items.

    The Hunt will be selling ritual scrolls this upcoming gather. Also there will be a few traveling items for sale as well. The short list of scrolls for sale is as follows. Audible projection Cloak of darkness Contact other plane Elemental aura Enchantx3 Enhance wand Extend battle magic x3...
  16. Gebous

    September event pre-registration

    PCing Gebous, also in Hunt cabin please.