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  1. Otaras Bar

    Plot Teaser 3rd game of 2019

    The Wyldes are ever a place of mystery and turmoil. Magics always changing always moving. Lands as treacherous as they are beautiful. Ancient mysteries give life to new and present strife. riddles, puzzles, clues weave together a tale as old as the lands themselves. Those who break Ancient...
  2. Otaras Bar

    Plot Teaser 2nd game of 2019

    The High Fae court affords it's best and brightest not a moment's rest. As soon as Spring approaches a season early Lord Glimmerwing is woken from his slumber. He is shocked to find all manner of creatures running rampant in the Wyldes. Without hesitation he dispatches quick messages on the...
  3. Otaras Bar

    Plot Teaser 1st game of 2019 Winter

    Winter, harsh and unforgiving as the Wyldes ever changing itself grips the land . But the people who made a stay of Sanctuary are a hardy bunch and make the best of things. They say its the coldest winter yet seeming unworldly almost. Fabia continues her diligent work with the Earth Circle and...
  4. Otaras Bar

    XR Plot Teaser Nov. event 2018

    Blazing Summer finally gives way to crisp Autumn, and promise of a long Winter. Cold breezes and an air of Harvest Time festivities grip the citizens of Sanctuary. Spring and Summer fae give way to the Fall and Winter fae. For the adventurers though, thoughts turn to the lengthened nights, and...
  5. Otaras Bar

    The Thirsty Gryphon

    Attention adventurers the Thirsty Gryphon well be making a comeback this gather complete with wait staff. We are going to be providing drinks Friday, Saturday and Sunday. In addition to providing a late night snack service on Sat. Just look for the purple and black. The Apothecary Brotherhood...
  6. Otaras Bar

    Looking for a Workspace

    The Apothecary Brotherhood well gladly share its Potions lab with you for the gather. -Otaras Leader of the Apothecary Brotherhood Owner of The Thirsty Gryphon Industries.
  7. Otaras Bar

    XR Plot Teaser Aug. event 2018

    Plot teaser for the 4th game of 2018: A prosperous yet hectic Summer continues. Besch and Selunari seem more at ease in their strange home. With more of them venturing into Sanctuary to trade supplies for the first time, Instead of just seeking refuge. With Lord Vetra Glimmerwing being...
  8. Otaras Bar

    That feeling when...

    When are the play test packets due back?
  9. Otaras Bar

    XR Plot Teaser July event 2018

    The Wyldes still practically humming with magic, Fae are seen playing in the meadows on these warm nights as Spring blossoms into Summer. Ominous prophecies seem forgotten. The Fara Sfarsit Binefacere have secured their encampment. Plague and sickness have faded from the minds of the people of...
  10. Otaras Bar

    Alliance Crossroads Plot teaser 2nd game of 2018 4/20-4/22

    A fierce battle. . . A devastated town. . . A brave sacrifice. . . The Wyldes greets springtime with a new outlook, with the Mercatian army being banished from the Wyldes, and the darkness pushed away from Sanctuary. For now, the freedom of the town from that particular tyranny is secured...
  11. Otaras Bar

    Alchemy for Sale

    Well . . . Well. . . Keegan trying to take over all my business endeavors arent you, food and drink. . . alchemy . . . . Good for you sir. -Otaras
  12. Otaras Bar

    2018 XR Plot Teaser 1st game

    OOG: Are you ready for the Alliance Crossroads Plot teaser for the 2018 season opener! 3/9-3/11 IG:"Tendrils of smoke and flashes of light, the woods of the Wyldes seem alive with activity. Travlers dare not enter and Sanctuary residents dare not go out alone and more so at night. Haunting...
  13. Otaras Bar

    Alliance Crossroads 2018 Dates

    Greetings Players! I hope everyone had a wonderful off season and is well rested and ready for this crazy fun and exciting year to come. Alliance Crossroads 2018 Dates: March 9th-11th April 20th-22nd July 13th-15th August 24th-26th September 28th-30th November 2nd-4th Dates for workdays...
  14. Otaras Bar

    Tournament of the Wyldes

    The Wyldes Tourney Information Hear ye, hear ye! It is with great pleasure that we announce the following ... The Tourney rules This is an individually won tournament. There well be prizes for 1st 2nd and 3rd May the best all around adventurer of each event win.(Some events are team based...
  15. Otaras Bar

    IG: Hello Redcloud I wish to speak to you in a more private setting . . . ...

    IG: Hello Redcloud I wish to speak to you in a more private setting . . . .
  16. Otaras Bar

    New Price for out of chapter players

    This is amazing! Going to work with the east coast to see if we can get a group together to come see yall!
  17. Otaras Bar

    Newbie here!

    Hello amanda! Im Colby the GM for alliance crossroads! To answer your questions 1. It wont be wired at all to come in at the closer 2.We usually have a fight day/pratice day on sundays your more than welcome to come to its the easiest way to learn the system. But to NPC we are more than...
  18. Otaras Bar

    Attn: Selunari

    I also sent mine in and have not yet got a responce. OOG:Colby Lingerfelt IG: Milosh Luca Puchanaya
  19. Otaras Bar

    2017 Alliance Seattle Season Pass

    Hey Emily could you confirm with your logistics person that I did pay this. I haven't received any build or credit for this yet. And my membership still isn't confirmed. Thanks, Colby Lingerfelt
  20. Otaras Bar

    <A combination of several voices speak in unison>

    I hear your call and shall answer, sadly I cannot stay for long I've pressing matters in other lands and the mists are reaching for me calling for me. Otaras Leader of the Apothecary Guild Owner of the Thirsty Gryphon