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  1. Heinricht

    The 2022 Season Super Post

    From the super-post: We are requiring a 95% vaccination rate of all attendees at the event, and part of pre-registration will include proof of vaccination. Non-vaccinated players will be capped at 5% of total attendance, and if you are unvaccinated, you may be put on a “waiting list” to attend...
  2. Heinricht

    Punishments from stealing items from the circle

    Good morning: This is Hearth Glen where a war is being fought over reality. Cause and effect has deadly meaning here as our actions and in-actions will help determine who wins the mantle. To improve our chances at survival, have begun storing items of use in both the Earth Circle and the...
  3. Heinricht

    Effects of Hearth Glen and the battle for the Mantle.

    Good afternoon friends: I would like to take the time to give a warning to us adventurers. I am a merchant who travels the mist quite frequently. But whenever I am in Hearth Glen my flaws are amplified by the battle for the mantle. My greed becomes overwhelming, as does my desires for creature...
  4. Heinricht

    Spider Island: Part 2 (Electric Boogaloo)

    I'm sorry if my frankness confused people or was looked at harshly. The intent was to encourage others to try and rally themselves to reduce the strain on the supply chain. Every item has value, especialy with the changing of the mists. Do not think you cant contribute becasue you can! I...
  5. Heinricht

    OOG; one thing I learned as a 20 year combat vet. The best leaders are the ones who have the...

    OOG; one thing I learned as a 20 year combat vet. The best leaders are the ones who have the best intelligence. I'm on the low end level wise but if we are in the same team I'd follow your lead. You have made my job as an artisan easier by knowing what to build and how to prep for this event...
  6. Heinricht

    Spider Island: Part 2 (Electric Boogaloo)

    One of the best ways you can prepare for this mission is to take individual responsibility for yourself and prepare yourself to the best of your ability. Do not rely upon the charity of others but be a contributing memeber. Make sure your weapons are sharp, your armour is fitted, your...
  7. Heinricht

    LCO crafting

    Good afternoon: I saw the LCO crafting thread and was wondering if you needed to put points in create adventure equipment or points in create superior equipment in order to create equipment from the plans. Thank you: David
  8. Heinricht


    Page: 9 Break/Disarm Strike* Martial Daily, Meditatable Prerequisite: 1 per 20 Martial XP, Weapon Skill This skill allows the character to make a single attack with the call “Weapon Strike Break ” or “Weapon Strike Disarm .” But their is no definition of what a broken item is? Already the...
  9. Heinricht

    The Next Task

    I will be arriving late Friday night. Mines are dangerous in the dark so I hope we decide to do this during the daylight hours on Saturday.
  10. Heinricht

    9 pm curfew ????

    Good afternoon: I've been reading over the lore and am interested in playing but I'm concerned over the curfew in the rules. How will this be incorporated into the August weekend event? Will game play stop at 9pm Friday night? If so when will game play resume? Trying to determine the pacing...
  11. Heinricht

    Gifts of the Forgotten program

    I keep seeing references to this and would like to know more. when will they be released? v/r: David
  12. Heinricht

    The Next Task

    I have been working in the mine and exploring it since last gather. I should be able to help out and make the extraction of this ore possible. By the way do you know what properties this metal has. It tends to shimmer and phaze in and out. As a black smith I would love to know if it can be...
  13. Heinricht

    Menu for May 6th-8th Game

    I like cheese and salsa
  14. Heinricht

    Alliance LARP NH 2022 Event Schedule

    Thank you; the drop down menue for payments does not include the following options: 2 day Pay-No-Play with logistics periods: $20 1 day Pay-No-Play with logistics periods: $15 2 day Pay-No-Play with out logistics periods: $10 1 day Pay-No-Play with out logistics periods: $6 How would you...
  15. Heinricht

    Event Pricing

    What is the link to pay for games?
  16. Heinricht

    Alliance LARP NH 2022 Event Schedule

    Both links do not work: Payment: Check-in/Logisitics:
  17. Heinricht

    Merchant for Artisan calculating wrong.

    The skill chart says merchant is 1/2/3 but it is now calculating in the beta CMA as 1/3/5. It was not doing this before the weekend but now it is.
  18. Heinricht

    Base crafting production

    Thank you; So in all things always round down in the math.
  19. Heinricht

    Base crafting production

    Production Points: For every two ranks of a Crafting Skill a character receives one Production Point worth of Adventuring Equipment at the start of each Logistics Period. Question in case you have 15 ranks in a craft do you round down to 7 or do you round up to 8? v/r: Eberhart
  20. Heinricht

    May 27th Long Weekend 3 Day Event Registration Thread: Sliding Shards, Slippery Spiders, Slow Slaps

    How will GS for production be run for the event? Will I still be able to spend 50 GS per logistic period for 150 pp? Should I use the chart for 2.0 or 2.1 when determining production point costs for items?