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  1. Daimyo Shi

    Follow up to my poll: Level Gap

    Most people in my poll want Balance between new players and old player, with the vast minorty favouring new players. Now in my review of topics that didn't seem to be what most of the arguements about aspects of 2.0 seem to bear out but let's put that aside for another topic/day. How do we...
  2. Daimyo Shi

    Question of player base in relation to 2.0

    I have a question for everyone based on the review of the various topics. Let just overview myself to set where my point of view comes from. I been playing RPG for 31 years. I been playing LARP for 5 years. I been playing Alliance for 2 years. I playing two boffer LARP, Alliance is one of these...
  3. Daimyo Shi

    Who is available for Dungeon Run teams?

    Who is available for Dungeon Run Teams? Shiv is willing and able to help out, if nessary to even lead a team. I do have a Team now as well.
  4. Daimyo Shi

    Festival of Crows Team recruitment

    The festival of Crows is a summer festival where various nobles sponsor teams to compete in a number of events for points. The nobles get bragging rights and the participants get a purse from the noble. It is a lot of fun honestly. Name: To be determined Sponsor: Count A. Wheatley Team Captain...
  5. Daimyo Shi

    Shiv Recruiting for Festival of Crows

    Shiv puts up a Poster. Recruiting for Count Wheatley's Team for Festival of Crows Talk to Shiv
  6. Daimyo Shi

    In the Tavern

    After a good night's sleep Shiv is sitting in the tavern, reading his note book. "Hmmm . . . well it may be worth looking into."
  7. Daimyo Shi

    Looking for Hammish or Evo

    Shiv goes arounf looking for the Homeguard commander or the Magistrate.
  8. Daimyo Shi

    Weapons Practice in the commons

    Shiv, can be seen practicing his two weapon style in the commons.
  9. Daimyo Shi

    Weapon's Practice

    Shiv can be seen outside of his cabin in the early moring working on his weapons skill. he goes through a series of movements.