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    Feedback form

    When will the 0.9 feedback form be available? I'd really like to get feedback in from our local playtests while it's still (relatively) fresh.
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    Big West 2017 Event Menu

    Hi everyone, I'm happy to announce the menu and meal times for Big West 2017! We are to have food available at the following (approximate) times: Breakfast: 9AM-11AM Lunch: 2PM-4PM Dinner: 7PM-9PM (10PM Thursday) We will be serving 8 meals as follows: Thursday Dinner Sausage, garlic, and...
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    2017 Big West - Meal Planning Surveys

    Hi all! We're working hard planning the event's kitchen menu and would like to collect some information that will help us successfully deliver a menu that will keep everyone fed and happy! If you could take a few minutes to fill out this survey (and one or two more to come as we get deeper into...
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    I really want to like this skill, but I'm having a hard time seeing where it fits into the system. For reference: It looks really good on paper and I was exited to try it out, but in practice its utility is negated by repeat damage. Given how easy it is to bypass along with its high build cost...
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    Apr 15-17 Menu

    Returning triumphantly to the entirely un-apocalyptated land of the civilized, Benjamin Breadbowl’s Emporium of Exquisite Provender is celebrating a return to more mundane problems and threats with the following carefully crafted menu: Friday Dinner: Chicken quesadillas and/or soft tacos...
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    Mar 18-20 menu

    Plunging headlong into the breach with little regard for personal health and safety once more, Benjamin Breadbowl’s Emporium of Exquisite Provender is pleased to offer the following cornucopia of otherworldly and extraplanar delights: Friday Dinner: Beef stew with vegetables (M) Saturday...
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    Feb 5-7 Menu

    Greetings once again! Recently returned from the vast reaches of a place to which no living being should hope to find themselves banished, Benjamin Breadbowl’s Emporium of Exquisite Provender is once again opening for a weekend of fine fare. Take a break from the rigors of bounty hunting with...
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    January 15-18 Meal Plan Menu

    Greetings, friends! Coming soon to a rustic fixer-upper wasteland near you for no reason in particular, Benjamin Breadbowl’s Emporium of Exquisite Provender is seeking a discerning and generous clientele! Dine like the noblest of the noble-ish as we aim to tantalize your palate with such...
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    Alliance San Francisco LARP Scholarship

    To all Alliance San Francisco players: An anonymous donor has made it possible for us to offer a limited number of discounted event fees to help enable more people be able to attend and enjoy the game. We are looking for people with a true need, not someone looking to save a few bucks. The type...
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    Board/Tabletop Game Thread

    Same as the video game thread, but analog style! What's your favorite board/tabletop game? What's hot right now? Personally, I just got my hands on Sentinels of the Multiverse and my whole household is hooked on it. For those who haven't played, it's a cooperative deck management style card...
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    Kickstarter projects with Alliance potential

    I thought it might be worth creating a thread with a list of ongoing Kickstarter projects that are relevant to Alliance (and other LARPs). Some are fundraisers, others for games and other things that might fit well in our world. Check it out and please post any others you find! Haggis card game...
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    Email currently offline

    All email addresses are currently offline while we migrate to our new web host. In the meantime if you need to contact us you can email I will post again when we are back up and running.
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    Camp Cutter Weekend Event - March 29-31 2013

    Mortals. High Lord Angana frowned faintly as she studied the emergent composition before her. It wasn’t turning out at all how she had envisioned it; disturbances always interfered with her creative moments. The report from her incompetent underling had been entirely unsatisfying, full of...
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    2013 Schedule

    Mar 29-31 Weekend May 31-Jun 2 Weekend Jul 4-7 Long Weekend Aug 9-11 Weekend Aug 30-Sep 2 Long Weekend Sep 28th Faire Day (Twinspire) Oct TBD Nov 15-17 Weekend Nov 30-1 Double Faire Days (Twinspire) Dec 13-15 Weekend
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    Out of town

    Sarah and I are out of town this weekend, so responses to emails to logistics or plot may be delayed until early next week. -Dan
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    Earn GS at Convolution 2012

    Hey everyone! Convolution 2012 is coming up this weekend, and that means it's time for another goblin stamp opportunity! Anyone attending Convolution 2012 who is willing to take some time out of their weekend to advertise on behalf of Alliance San Francisco will earn goblin stamps for their...
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    The New Team

    Hi everyone! I want to take a moment to introduce the staff for Alliance San Francisco's upcoming campaign, who are excited and working hard as we approach our first event. Writers: Andrew Banakus Greg Ruddy James Sullivan Dan Van Den Broeke Head of Logistics: Sarah Dzeima Head of Rules: Mike...
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    Camp Cutter Weekend Event: November 16-18 2012

    Fifteen years had passed since the newly claimed lands had been cleansed of their taint. The eight Lords, no longer fettered by hereditary rules and boundaries, were free to argue amongst themselves over the division of the new territories. As the last frontiers were being pacified and made...
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    Downtime Actions

    Downtime submissions can be a great way to add more flavor to your character, fill in gaps in information, and utilize assets and resources not necessarily available during games. During downtime characters may travel, gather information, explore, or perform numerous other types of actions to...
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    Character History Update

    Hi all! We're working hard on the new campaign and need some information from all of you to help with the transition from the current campaign setting to the next. This questionnaire is optional, but will allow us to provide a more personal experience and a smoother transition. Should you...