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  1. AlikVanmil

    Making everyone important.

    So, just a quick question as to your reasoning for removing the shield spells... Why? My main is a support character. And speaking from that minority of people who are perfectly fine with being in the background while the "Heroes" do there thing, the shield spells give us something that keeps us...
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    A meeting with the Fate Spinner

    <OOG. I wasn't aware that I had to. In the past it hadn't been the case.>
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    A meeting with the Fate Spinner

    After what seems like an eternity Scarlett purses his lips and bows his head to the attendant. He turns and walks from the desk, the sound of his heels echoing throughout the room. Reaching the door he raises his hood and exits the enclave, not once looking back.
  4. AlikVanmil

    A meeting with the Fate Spinner

    The doors of the enclave open and a young Tari'Nor in a red hood walks through. He strides towards the front desk. Once he reaches the desk he bows his head to the woman sitting there. "Good afternoon, I have heard tell that the Lady Zanthia has returned from her travels. I realize she has many...
  5. AlikVanmil

    Dish Washing Stamp Collecting

    Hi, I just wondering how those of us that helped out in the dish pit should go about collecting our GS. I remember that there was a list of chapters where it was said we would be getting GS from, I just can't remember them all. Thanks, - LT
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    [0.9] Paragon Paths

    A Specific "nit pick" of the Warsmith tier 2 ability: "After completion of a successful Refit on another character, the Warsmith may instantly Meditate a single skill she would otherwise be able to Meditate." While an interesting ability, it is more or less useless for an Artisan to have since...
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    Seeking a Spirit Forge.

    Greetings fellow adventurers, With the coming gathering of so many lands, I wish to see if any of those that will be aiding in the campaign would be able to help me and my allies find a Spirit Forge catalyst. Such magical ingredients are near impossible to find in our homeland. We wish to...
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    The Beacon of Hope [Big West Hook]

    Akemi, Kasuni, Sir Knight Terren and Squire Shin, I apologize for the lateness of this reply, our land has been dealing with a political nightmare as of late. I wish to inform you that those of us formerly of Parson's Breach in the land of Calanda have heard Squire Shin's call. We shall bring...
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    EVENT REVIEW: The Dungeon Run - "Blood in the Streets" (April 2017)

    1. Post your favorite moments - Sheena as a baby.... Drake? Was adorable as all hell. - Awesome dragon fight was awesome... - quick casting 6th level spells was sweet. And Corey calling me over to make sure I could was just gravy >:p 2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can...
  10. AlikVanmil

    More That 2 Horns?

    Hi all, I just had a question: My character just recently changed to a Mystic Wood Elf and I have been trying to decide how I want to wear my horns, at first I wanted to do something big and bold. But my chapter has a size restriction on how big a MWE's horns can be. Then I found this really...
  11. AlikVanmil

    Question about refitting Arcane Armour

    Hi, I just had a quick question regarding Arcane Armour and it's interaction with Master Blacksmithing. From a mechanical stand point, the rule book stays that: "A character with 20 or more levels of Blacksmith is considered a Master and gains the ability to refit armour in 30 seconds as...
  12. AlikVanmil

    Hawking her wares

    A person in a brown jacket with a red hood walks in through the front door of the tavern and orders a drink from the bar tender. Turning around he strides towards the board and looks up at the posts and spys Kai's post. He looks down and smiles, then pulls out a small piece of paper and tacs it...
  13. AlikVanmil

    EVENT REVIEW: "The End of the Line" - November 2016

    1. Post your favorite moments - Talking to other other PCs about my crafting guild and getting a great response. - Dipping Scarlett's toes back into the merchanting game, that definitely gave me the warm and fuzzies. - Running like hell and shoving a life spell in Nazzrat's chest. - This was...
  14. AlikVanmil

    In the Portal Room- Epilogue: "End of the Line..."

    Scarlett stares at Billin's hand for a moment then grasps it and clumsily pulls himself to his feet. "The only thing we can do my friend." he says before Stumbling and catching himself by grabbing Billin's shoulder. Looking around the room at all of the people then at Billin and says "We...
  15. AlikVanmil

    In the Portal Room- Epilogue: "End of the Line..."

    Scarlett's eye's snap open and he gasps in a deep breath. "Oh good... it was just dream" he says in a state of shock, his head rocking back and fourth. After a moment he puts his hand to his forehead and opens his eyes to his friends around him. "Wait... it wasn't a dream... was it?" he says to...
  16. AlikVanmil

    In the Portal Room- Epilogue: "End of the Line..."

    Scarlett's ears ring as he pulls himself to his feet, a stabbing pain in his temple. The world around him tilts back and forth around him as the reality of what just happened sets in. "Gone... it's all gone..." he whispers as he touches his head where the pain is and feels the blood soaking into...
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    [2.0] Read and Write

    Note: read & write is also the pre requisite skill needed for: herbal lore and healing arts. But that aside, it is such a throw away skill. I for one would like to see it gone completely, as the number of times I've given someone a note to read and they respond with "oh I can't read" literally...
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    Crafters/vendors coming to this game

    Is it possible for non locals to sell some of their wares?
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    Sounds Exciting. I can't wait.
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    Acarthia 2016 Halloween Event Traveler Arrangements

    Thank you very much for all of the tips. Hehe I'm not sure I could ever ask someone to wake up to that early. As long as I could get back into the city after the event I'm sure I could find my way to the airport then as I said I'll probably just chill in the terminal overnight.