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    Gina from Hofbrau called me to met me know the 21st (Sunday of our event) is Father's Day and they don't reserve tables on holidays. With how big our group is it would take forever to get a table so we should probably go some wear else for afters.
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    Heading south

    Managed to get this weekend off work and was wondering if anyone from TC was heading to somi and could give me a ride I pack light and can help with gas.
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    Trickle Blades

    After acquiring the skill to make them many people have asked what it will take to make one for them specifically a five trickle blade weapon. The easiest way would be using twelve ingots of rare metals (Mithril, Adamantine, etc.). This will bring production costs down to two silver plus...
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    National Favorites

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    Right Brain Game Day

    This Saturday from 3-8 pm is game day at Right Brain. They're a lot of fun and a good opportunity to promote the chapter. You don't have to but wearing garb helps. I'll be there as soon as I'm done with work wearing my armour. Hope to see you there.
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    Right Brain Game Day

    Right Brain Brewery is having another game day this Saturday the 5th of April. We've gone to these before and had a lot of fun. You don't have to but going in costume gains a lot of attention and interest in the chapter. I'll be there and hope to see you too.
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    Someone (I think Garoth) mentioned in a previous post that we were planing on sharing a table at C3. I was wondering if there were any more details about that and if any help was needed running the table.
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    Attention Citisens

    Former Duke Stone has escaped his confinement in the capital city. His current whereabouts are unknown, anyone with information on his current whereabouts or about how he escaped his confinement please come forward we are offering a 5 gold reward for any relevant information. Septae Royal...
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    I had to share this

    Golden Griffons now in paint form
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    Looking for a teacher

    If anyone has the time I would like it if someone could teach me weapon proficiency as well as slay. It would also be nice if i could learn to cast third level spells. on another note, after the undead died down i went back to find my brother. He's doing fine. Hope you can meet him soon.