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  1. dreadpiratebill

    July dinner

    Breakfast: pancakes, bacon, oatmeal, fruit. Dinner: steak tips (There is a sale), mashed potates, vegi Vegi option: sweet and sour stir fry over rice Subject to change if I don't like the quality of goods on Friday. Bill
  2. dreadpiratebill

    Food situation?

    Breakfast: bacon, pancakes, oatmeal, fruit Dinner: chicken pot pie Bill
  3. dreadpiratebill

    April Ashbury event pre-reg

    Payment from William Gibbs is for Jess Benjamin. Bill
  4. dreadpiratebill

    Attention All Nobility

    Attention! All members of Icenian nobility are herby required to attend a meeting Saturday morning at the conclusion of breakfast. This meeting is about the future of all titles beholden to Her Majesty. If you are present in town your attendance is herby mandatory. This is an order from Her...
  5. dreadpiratebill

    April Ashbury event pre-reg

    Um..Air is my usual room as Head of Food. Bill
  6. dreadpiratebill

    Stormbreak Pre-Reg for first event

    Bill Gibbs to NPC.
  7. dreadpiratebill

    April Ashbury event pre-reg

    Bill to play amaranthus. I'll be in the kitchen and running some plot. Bill
  8. dreadpiratebill

    Poker Game

    I seem to recall the last game going in a distinctly my favor direction last time. You're of course welcome to try your luck again when you're next avalible. Sir Amaranthus
  9. dreadpiratebill

    Poker Game

    First come first serve however if you wanna call a seat I'll keep you in mind. This is a casual game. If there is a lot of interest I'll figure something out. Sir Amaranthus
  10. dreadpiratebill

    October 21-23 Pre-Registration

    Registered to NPC. Bill
  11. dreadpiratebill

    Poker Game

    To return a bit of normalcy to these troubled times I'll be holding a Hobling Hold Em game at the next gather Saturday night once things slow down. 5 gold buy in. Winner takes all. 4 seats at the table open. Myself and Lady Kar are taking the other two. Sir Amaranthus Landcharmer
  12. dreadpiratebill


    I still don't have coverage for this event. At this point I just need someone who can provide transportation for the food and pick it up either Friday or Saturday morning. If someone does not step forward I am unable to guarantee food service for this event. Please contact me asap if you can...
  13. dreadpiratebill


    Depends on what the final prereg looks like. Assume 5 dollars per person (roughly) as a budget. Alex will be avalible to handle the cooking if someone wants to handle the shopping or to assist if your willing to cook. Shoot me a message. Bill
  14. dreadpiratebill


    I have discovered I have a wedding I have to go to the same weekend as the September HQ event. I am looking for someone to run food that weekend. Alex will still be there to help and make sure breakfast is kicked off okay. This is primarily somebody to buy the food and prepared dinner. I will...
  15. dreadpiratebill

    Putting my affair' in good order

    We have had our differences but I will always respect you as a warrior. If you desire it, I offer you my sword. One last duel to die as a warrior should: weapon in hand. This is not a challenge. I have no quarrel with you but I make the offer for the end of the October gather if you wish it so...
  16. dreadpiratebill

    September 9-11 Pre-Registration List

    I have a medical conference in Boston I can't get out of. Sorry. Bill
  17. dreadpiratebill

    In Memory of Dame Kailani

    I will stand and defend Dame Kailani on this last journey before returning to the Royal Court to give a full accounting of Dame Kailani's heroism and valor. I can only hope that on the day we meet again I face my fate with a shred of the strength she displayed. Hail the glorious dead. May...
  18. dreadpiratebill

    July Event Pot Luck Sign Up

    Mac and cheese will be served cold. Cracker jack is cracker jack.
  19. dreadpiratebill

    July Event Pot Luck Sign Up

    Taking requests. Bill
  20. dreadpiratebill

    July pre-registration

    I will not be at the first July event and therefore Air is open for the people filling g in for me or for general rental, whichever management perfers. I'll be back for the second July event.