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  1. Ken

    Gone Exploring

    To whom it may concern, Ever since my horns began growing out some time ago, I have been feeling a swelling sense of wanderlust. The Howling Rage epidemic kept me quite occupied until recently, but since that has been resolved, I have decided that now is a good time to take a nice mistwalk and...
  2. Ken

    Resolved Dispel and Purify vs Corrupt/Create Undead

    It looks like Corrupt and Create Undead are both in the scope of what Dispel will remove, and neither specifically says it won't. Presumably this would leave the target dead as usual for the spell duration ending. Similarly: While Corrupt is technically in scope for Purify, this presumably...
  3. Ken

    Spell Store Aspect

    Some spells are Earth and Celestial. If cast from memory, there's nothing in the call to indicate aspect compatibility to the recipient. Does it matter what school the spell slot was if the spell exists in both schools? Do the caster and the recipient need to briefly check OOG that their aspects...
  4. Ken

    Resolved 2.0 Carrier Defenses vs Armor

    As I have gotten zero responses on this in Marshal Questions in over a month, could ARC take a stab at it?
  5. Ken

    Fortress clarifications

    That's lower-case weapon, not Weapon Qualifier, so does this protect against physical delivery Poison-qualifier attacks? Not all weapon attacks do damage. Does fortress block swings like "Weapon Sleep" on the basis that 0 damage is less than 10, or do they go through on the basis that there's no...
  6. Ken

    Resolute vs Massive

    Can you Resolute against Massive damage? Massive beats any kind of defense except the ones that cause you not to get hit in the first place (Evade, Dodge, Phase). One of the defense types is "Reduced". While some "Reduced" type defenses are mentioned in the packet, Resolute isn't listed as a...
  7. Ken

    2.0 Carrier Defenses vs Armor

    In 1.3, there were rulings to the effect that the carrier effect doesn't "count" until it gets through your armor in terms of immunity, meaning that a carrier that you're immune to can still damage your armor (such as here). Since defenses were reworked to work more uniformly in 2.0, does that...
  8. Ken

    Merchant's Guild services for August

    The Merchant's Guild Shop will not be formally open during this month's gather due to renovations. If you wish to purchase any adventuring supplies or other products for this month's gather, please leave an order here or send it to me privately and I shall endeavor to deliver these myself.
  9. Ken

    Vorpal Coating with other swings

    Vorpal Coating says it will be used up with the next swing, but doesn't specify what kind of swing it can be used with. The only specific exception seems to be Slay. Does Vorpal damage add to damaging spell/elemental/arcane strikes that characters can swing?
  10. Ken

    Render Improved on Armor

    The current text of Render Indestructible Improved says: Which is similar to, but not quite the same as, the text in Shatter that says how it works on indestructible armor types. The implication in the scroll text seems to be that Shatter does nothing, with the additional text just clarifying...
  11. Ken

    Potency + Enhance Signature Spell

    Based on, potency appears to boost spell level by 1. How does this interact with Enhance Signature Spell, which doubles damage? It seems like ESS should work the same way in the sense that if I double a "10 Spell...
  12. Ken

    Eternal Resolution aspect

    Eternal Resolution says the user can call X Elemental Healing or X Elemental Chaos, but it doesn't specifically indicate this is dependent on the aspect it was cast using. Is it intended to be reversible on the fly, or is the element locked in by the aspect?
  13. Ken

    Casting Workplace of Convenience

    How does one actually cast a Workplace of Convenience ritual? Given that workplaces typically aren't repped and are ambiguous large things that generally exist in a vague region of IG-space, it's not entirely clear how one puts a circle around such a thing. My guess would be either the entire...
  14. Ken

    Merchants Guild Publications

    There is a bulletin board posting in Deepjug's Tavern titled "Crafting Plans and You". Do you read it? The posting mentions a "Crafting Catalogue". Looking around, you spy it nearby. Do you read it? Finally, a notice is posted: The Merchants Guild has begun discovering tomes of lost crafting...
  15. Ken

    LCO Crafting Abilities

    As mentioned in the in-game forums, some tomes with new LCO abilities exist in-game. The tomes grant abilities up to your applicable skill level after reading them for 10 minutes. There is currently no special battleboard annotation or tag associated with having these abilities, so honor system...
  16. Ken

    Notice of Herbal Purification

    A notice is posted on several bulletin boards and posts in New Acarthia This Friday evening at roughly 11 bells (following the Healer's Guild meeting), the Healer's Guild will attempt an Herbal Purification. This process cleanses necromantic herbs that the Guild has collected of the taint they...
  17. Ken

    Oak of the Archmage spell strike options

    Does the expended Signature Spell have to match the aspect of the Oak element selection? That is, if I select Healing, I can't Spell Strike an Ice Bolt from memory? Does the expended Signature Spell's element have to match the Oak element selection? That is, if I select Fire, I can't Spell...
  18. Ken

    New ritual aspect clarifications

    Spell Swap: Right now, it appears that if you place this on a spell book with both Earth and Celestial spells written in it, you can swap spells in either of your pyramids (with spells from the correct pyramid, of course). This is convenient the way it is, but was the swap intended to be limited...
  19. Ken

    [.11] Blocking "Spell" arrows

    Splitting off conversation from I suspect that last bit was either from an older packet or intended to say "Spell Strike", since if "Spell" by itself is equivalent to "Spell Strike" then we...
  20. Ken

    [.11] Activating signature spells

    When a activating a signature spell from a magic item, what's the proper call if you can do the short version? Guesses: Activate 5 Flame Bolt Activate 5 Spell Flame Activate Evocation Bolt, 5 Spell Flame