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    Jaden of House Tranquility

    I need you to reach out to me with a better means to contact you so we can discuss some business. Sir Simon Neville
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    Order costuming

    If anyone wanted to know where the tabards, belt flags or Pins that were seen in use for the orders this weekend came from, please feel free to reach out to me so that I can help point you in the right direction. It's not all one answer!! Joe Siegel Plot Adjunct Resident Jerk
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    August Favorites

    Really? I get to start this one? Okay.... 1.) Monster camp, from the receptions, to the effort, the peerless collaboration, and the joy of being able to contribute a little from out of left field. 2) the commotion upon taking the field Saturday. It sounds corny but it meant allot in a really...
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    End of May attendance

    This is a roll call for who from the guild will be in attendance at the end of this month. My thanks! Simon Neville
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    Rapid Departure

    Raven, My apologies for my abrupt departure last gather. I do not even remember anymore who I spoke to on my way out, my mind never got set into our seasonal pattern. Given recent events I will be moving about rapidly until further notice. Please keep me informed about the guild, but accept...
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    Guild business for the next Gathering

    I am going to be detained through the next gather in a couple of weeks. I would like for Isego to take charge of the guild in my absence, but if that is not possible I will make other arrangements. Please let me know if I must do so. The treasury will meet you. Simon Neville
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    Guild meeting

    I would like to invite all members present this coming gather to meet me for breakfast on Saturday morning at 1000 in the tavern. This is primarily a forum for members to give me their input on their interests, ask for assistance from the guild, and provide input to changes they would like to...
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    A new season comes

    To the membership of the Guild of Celestial & Arcane Mysteries, I hope that winter is passing well for all of you. We are approaching a new season. I would like to ask here who will be in attendance come the spring. I also ask that Isego contact me to ensure arrangements are made in advance...
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    Guild Points and Status for October

    Points awards for this past gather: Firstly I wish to welcome Ariana and Raganzi into the guild, and thank Isego for undertaking their entrance examinations. Isego 2 points Participation 1 Leadership 1 Jaden 1 point Participation 1 Simon 2 points Participation 1 Pre and Post Gather...
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    Another Cap proposal

    I will go all in. What would folks thing about changing the game across the board (all chapters here) as follows: Universal Level cap somewhere between level 20-35 Removal of All Formal Magic created items. Formal magic would be restricted to plot scrolls only (visions, blissful rests etc)...
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    Note on opinions

    Recent threads have once again hit the "it that is what staff from <x> thinks I don't want to play there" button as well as the "don't judge me/my chapter based on my/my staff opinions" buttons. Just a thought for all the staff and owners and board admins out there. Those opinions are valid and...
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    Guild Point Standing

    To all members: Looking back on what records I have from the last two years and attempting to merge current standing with recent activity I am come up with the current baseline of points standings. If any member of the guild believes my records are in error please contact me before the last...
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    Points for the August Gather

    Points award for the Guild of Celestial and Arcane Mysteries for August Simon (Tradesman, eligible for promotion pending Thesis) 1 point for support activities Isego (Apprentice) 1 point for activity 1 point for leadership (assuming primary responsibility for duties during the gathering...
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    Task for a willing volunteer

    Guild mates, I need a sign. Specifically I need a sign with a slate board or something similar which can be used to post what scrolls the guild has for sale. A permanent heading stating the Guild Name and something about Scrolls available for sale would be preferred. I just do not have the...
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    August Gather

    I request all guild members contact me with a level of certainty of whether they plan on traveling to the next gather. I wish to ensure that we have the personnel allocated to run the circle and other guild business. Simon Neville Tradesman of the Guild Of Celestial and Arcane Mysteries
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    Guild Points for Penhayir 1008 (June 15)

    Awards for the past month: (awarded, needed for maintenance/total banked) Simon (Tradesman, head) 17/15/16 Isego (Apprentice) 10/10/19 Balls (Apprentice) 8/10/2 Jaden (Initiate) 5/5/0 Nerion (Initiate) 1/5/-4 I would like to again congratulate Isego on his promotion to Apprentice. The break...
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    Notice from the Guild of Celestial and Arcane Mysteries

    Starting the next gathering the guild will be leaving a list of battle magic scrolls available for sale in the Tavern. As ever, if you have any needs in particular please contact me before hand and I will attempt to make arrangements. Also I have a Sacrifice Ritual scroll for sale at this time...
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    Guild points for May

    Awards for the past month: (awarded, needed for maintenance/total banked) Simon (Tradesman/Head) 20/13/14 Balls (Apprentice) 15/8/-25 Isego (Initiate) 10/5/19 Jaden (Initiate) 0/5/0 If your name does not appear here and you have taken measures away from the gathering to maintain your standing...
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    Check in

    Hal, Bollie, Please contact me privately so we can set up communication. Captain Simon Neville Court Wizard of the Ash Forest