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  1. John

    Information needed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    (Spoken with a Scottish accent) Hello fellow adventurers and all who dream this dream. For those that don't know me, I am Ian Robertson, a member of the Healers Guild. I dream this dream in hopes of gathering information on the Spracta that caused the current state of Icenia. I am attempting...
  2. John

    Build sheet issue?

    Can someone help me out. I may be messing something up. Currently with 180 build spent as an Elf Spellsword I have: Resist Command 2 Teacher 2 Parry 1 Archery 1 One Handed Edge 1 Style Master 1 Read/Write 1 Weapon Prof 4 First Aid 1 Healing Arts 1 Blacksmith 2 Wear Extra Armor 2 Read Magic 1...
  3. John

    Music of your lands.

    Queens and Kings, Duchesses and Dukes, Ladies and Lords, Goodwomen and Goodmen, Lasses and Lads. I hope this dream finds you all well. I dream here to ask of any or all of you a favor. If you have a moment of free time and would not mind using it to help me. I am in search of music from your...
  4. John

    Foam fill help.

    Hello all. Need some more craft help. I am using foam floor tiles to make a crossbow. The problem is the texture on the face of the tiles has caused gaps. What have you or would you use to fill these gaps? Thank you for you suggestions in advance. John...
  5. John

    High makeup race help.

    Anyone who plays a high makeup race. I am going to dive into my first high make up race character and play a Gorilla-kin in Stormbreak next season. What makeup do you use? Any tips would also be helpful.
  6. John

    Brigandine Question

    How would you value non metallic Brigandine? I know you would have to see it to assign a value for the piece. This is more a question on what level of protection would you value it as per zone. It would be made out of a heavy painters drop cloth and plates made on schedule 40 PVC. Thank you John
  7. John


    I post here because I am not sure where the better place to post it is. A question posted to my fellow packer chuckers. Have any of you come up with a better way to cut the material to size for packets? Thus far I have used scissors and a paper cutter with mild success but it is painfully...
  8. John

    Costume help.

    Hello my friends. It is getting to be that time again. Time to blow the dust off of LARP projects that have been tabled since the winter began. I have recovered some brown leather from a couch and have been at odds on what to make of it. Anyone who has seen Ian at an event please respond with...
  9. John

    Arrow packets

    I am looking for anyone who makes good packets and could use some extra cash. I am looking for a big batch of arrow packets for the closer. PM me with the quantity you can make and a price. Thanks
  10. John

    Foamsmithing assistance needed.

    Hello all. I am making a polearm. I need ideas on how to make a blade that works of alliance.
  11. John

    Armor marshals.

    Would these work or be a no go? The fittings have me worried and didn't want to get something for my wife that she wouldn't be able to wear to larp.
  12. John

    RP question

    This is a question of rping effects. How do you play the paranoia diffrent then fear in a battle situation?
  13. John

    Plate slide

    I bought some plate bracers for my wife and I. The problem is that the bracers slide down even when the buckles are pulled tight. Any suggestions on how to stop it? John
  14. John

    Latex Staff

    Any brand of latex staff to stay away from or is there any brand that usualy passes for safty?
  15. John

    pvc armor question

    If you made or had armor made of sch 40 PVC , What would you say that it was made from in game? I intend on making some samuri armor out of PVC cut into slats. I am gonna paint it up with some black appliance paint. I just had no idea what to call it in game.
  16. John

    Flamingo NPC?

    Who played the Flamingo NPC at the last event? If any one knows who he is or if he uses the forums? Have him message me here. Please.
  17. John

    Aura Scrolls

    I send a dream out so that all may hear. I look for scrolls for Damage Aura, Earth Aura, or Elemental Aura. Feel free to dream to me privately. I have gold. Thank you to all who respond.
  18. John

    Earth Scholar loadout at HQ

    My wife has been blanketing for since I started and has yet to play. She will be out for the first time this fall. She will be an Earth scholar. As a scholar, would you column or pyramid to your first 9? And. How would you load it out? Any info will help.
  19. John

    Earth Templars at HQ

    I posted on the general board but wanted to get a narrowed down view for HQ. Opinions and Experiance welcome. If you had a Fighter and were gonna slide to Templar. When would you do it? And How would you load out a 5 column?
  20. John

    Magic Item Question

    If a person has one Magic Item that is Healed by Flame and damaged double by Ice but also has another that is Healed by Ice and damaged double by Flame on them at the same time. How does that work out? Are all of the effects cancled out?