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    Live Stream!

    First Live Stream Wednesday night 8pm-830pm Eastern! We are gonna detail some plans for the chapter and the channel! Big news coming!
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    2022 Dates so far...

    Hey folks! I’m happy to announce our dates for the first half of the season! We will be at Connoga on February 18th-20th, our opening event will be March 25-27. And our second event will be May 20-22. We will announce the second half of the year once we see how everyone else’s schedules shake...
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    Covid Update

    Hey folks, COVID policy update. After much discussion among our staff, we have decided not to require proof of COVID vaccinations. Our goal is to make sure that everyone can have fun in a safe environment and not be excluded. That said, there is a question on the pre-reg page asking if you have...
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    Dropping Those Dates!

    Hey Folks! As many of you may have heard, we recently had our 2021 staff meeting. I wanted to update you all on our plans for this year, introduce you to our staff, as well as release our official schedule! There are quite a few things to go over, so let’s get started! First, for this year’s...
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    Staff Meeting!

    Staff meeting on Saturday folks! Hit me up if you want in. There is plenty of work to do to get the game back up and running again.
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    Material Workday

    Hey Folks! A huge thank goes out to all the volunteers who came out and helped yesterday. We now have on site 1 ton of bricks, another porta John , burn barrel, Dungeon pieces, and A bunch of lumber. Day 1 was a success. Day 2 is tomorrow hope to see you out there!
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    Staff Meeting!

    OK folks, we've had some smaller meetings and are ready to announce the date of our Staff meeting. We will be meeting on May 8th in the city of Asheville downtown either at my office or a better location if it is available. We are looking at a 7pm start. Hit me up for additional details and if...
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    YouTube Channel Soft Start

    Hey all! We here at Crossroads are happy/proud to announce the official soft opening of our YouTube channel! Right now, we are is post production of Season One (what we did during 2020 on site) and have footage APLENTY to begin producing Season Two. Here's what we need from you: Your art and...
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    Workday Feb 6th

    The site will be open on Saturday February 6th for Various projects. This will include redesigning the layouts of the Base Monster camp, Tool shed and remote monster camp. As well as sorting and organizing our tools masks and costumes. Masks will be available and used indoors. Dogs will be...
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    Good bye Grey.

    It is with a saddened, heavy and broken heart that we announce the passing of one of our own, Grey Malkin. Grey was one of the first players to contact Crossroads when it moved to the South. All it took was one small ad at AB Tech, and Grey was in our doorstep and enthusiastically bringing...
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    (Sung) " Everybody's working for the weekend!"

    Hey folks looks like the weather Saturday to Sunday on the site is going to be nice enough for us to camp. Soooo we will. I am happy to announce that the reorganization and redesigning of our storage/tool shed, backstage area, and tavern. We also have numerous painting and small building...
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    Working for the weekend!

    A tiny bit of happy from your friends here at crossroads. Our first purchased building has just been paid off as of yesterday morning. Yaaay! We will be having a work weekend this weekend from Saturday mid day till Sunday mid day. Saturday we hope to empty out the rest of the storage...
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    Season update

    Hey folks, It is with a heavy heart that I announce the postponement of our remaining 2020 events. After numerous meetings with staff and a thorough risk assessment we cannot guarantee the safety of our guests and players while running a traditional full-size event. I will continue to...
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    Small workday

    Hey folks , Heading to site in the next few hours. We will be mowing (always mowing), continuing the bug sealing of NPC camp, and painting the place's second coat. If you wanna help out let me know! If you wanna support , hit up our Paypal donation button!
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    Site upgrades continue

    Hey folks, I'm gonna head up to the site for a few days. If you wanna swing by and lend a hand let me know! If you wanna help out with the projects in a remote way there is always our donation button!
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    Big Steps

    Hey folks just wanted to reach out and let you know...... gee golly I miss your faces. Just wanted to give a little bit of advance notice this time. I plan on being on site this weekend from Friday until at least Sunday night if not longer. If anyone wants to come...
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    Concerning June.

    Hey all, your Crossroads staff here! As we all know, there have been some BIG things going on in our world. As we here at Crossroads acknowledge all that is going on, we will be postponing our upcoming event due to the ever present spread of Covid-19, and the very current civil...
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    Big Progress!!

    I know in the giant world view of things this is small potatoes. But A little bit of good news for us. Holding in my hand is the check and the paperwork to get water started on the Tennessee site.
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    Boots on the ground.

    Hey folks hope you’re all doing well. I will be on site tomorrow with George mowing. We will also be pacing and marking the cutting of a new vehicle size path from the hill we affectionately named”oh ****” connecting to highroad. I will be posting when I am on site from now on in case anyone...
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    Next Game

    RE: Game 2 of the 2020 season: Normally around this time we would like to be writing here to announce a teaser or some manner or a fun new opportunity to engage with the community. Unfortunately this is one of those times where we instead have had to make a very hard decision regarding our...