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  1. stonegolem

    Paragon Packages - Paths of the Paragons

    Please note further that Adamantine Armor is considered to be physical armor and as such requires the Blacksmith skill to refit. It benefits from Master Blacksmithing as any physical armor does.
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    Paragon Packages - Paths of the Paragons

    NEW PARAGON PATHS ARE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE. Players may now purchase up to two Paragon Paths per event. As always, please leave your questions here.
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    A call to arms.

    The following dreaming is brief, bloody, and tinged with bittersweet exhaustion. The battle is won. The Master has fallen, crumbled to dust, and with him fall his armies. We go now to bury our dead, drink to their memories, and till the fields to restore life to our battered world. I cannot...
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    September Event: Cold Open Encounter

    ATTENTION PLAYERS: We are beginning this event with a "cold open" encounter immediately following opening ceremonies. Opening ceremonies will be held at 10:30pm Friday night. If you are not present and prepared to enter game when the encounter starts, you will be asked to wait until the...
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    A call to arms.

    ((FINAL EVENT of the Nine Towers storyline runs September 2-4, Faire Play in Montrose PA. No magic items will travel to this game, and you must have 225 or less build spent for your character to be allowed to play. We also desperately need NPCs and are offering a special compensation bonus for...
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    2016 Opener Favourites!

    Eighty percent of the things on these lists are things that no one on plot wrote - it's all y'all, playing around in our rad little sandbox. That's my favorite part of the weekend.
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    Concerns about the new Selunari

    Speak with your plot staff upon arrival. As I understand it, the individual chapters are being encouraged to write the change into their games in a way that meshes with the chapter plot as well as the national packet. They will guide you into how to proceed individually.
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    Fallout 4 thread

    You can use E to substitute for the Enter key, except when both E and Enter are discrete command options for the same prompt.
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    Larp Question Tuesday: Music!

    Both of my characters' anthems are too explicit to link here, so: Angrag: Dirt Off Your Shoulder, Jay-Z Otho: F*** Dying, Ice Cube f/Korn
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    Anyone making custom chainmail tunics?

    Gary - talk to Alex Koziak. He did the 9T chain and has a couple of really amazing personal suits, and I know he's looking for the work. Vox is his forum name.
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    LARP Question Tuesday: Between a rock and a hard place

    Sir Otho did his duty, and someone he loved was executed for it. That was day 1 of knighthood. i am so good at being a knight yall
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    Necali Is Dead

    The dragons say that victory is not a destination - it is a constant struggle. I am grateful beyond measure for your sacrifices. This triumph swells my heart, and invigorates my bones. Soon, that which follows will come. For so long as these eyes have light within them, I shall remain vigilant...
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    Donna, that event is where you and I met! We waited in the dark and hissed off-color jokes at each other until someone told us to shut up, and then we giggled. My name is Evan and I was raised in Houston, TX. My first LARP event was four months after I moved to Rhode Island (you can read about...
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    What makes combat encounters hard to scale? Who trains new characters?

    I gave it some cursory thought and was unable to come up with a situation in which the agency, or ability of PCs to perform, was not roughly identical was not the reason that scaling an encounter was difficult. In our game, disparity comes in three categories: mechanical, social, and physical...
  15. stonegolem

    What makes combat encounters hard to scale? Who trains new characters?

    Varying levels of PC agency is the only thing that makes encounters hard to scale.
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    Paragon Packages - Paths of the Paragons

    File updated to reflect role play requirement clarification. Buying a Paragon Package is not an IG decision - the magic just "exists" and is morally and ethically neutral. If you want it OOG, take it. Please spend your gobbies. Please.
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    September event pre-registration

    My fault for not specifying, Mike - my payment was for this weekend's Nine Towers event. Sorry for the mixup.
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    Paragon Packages - Paths of the Paragons

    Someone asked: If my class changes DURING an event (e.g. a Spirit Forge is cast on me), do I get new Paths if I have already purchased for that event? Answer: Yes, but not until Logistics. You must replace any Paths, Tools, and Boons that are no longer accessible to you due to class...
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    Paragon Packages - Paths of the Paragons

    Yes. I suppose it should have been mentioned at some point that you must purchase the Path(s) you wish to follow before EACH event, not just once. If your class changes between events, you will need to follow the rules for the new class when considering Paths for purchase at the next event.