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    Looking for Stig

    Mar paces around the lux stopping at the home guard barracks among other locations as he looks for Stig. "comeon Stig where are you" he mutters to himself trying to find his senior officer and senior representative of the guardians he needed to bounce everything that had happened off someone...
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    plastic potion bottles

    I bought a wonderful little satchel over a year ago but as yet am still struggling to find plastic potion bottles to replace the little glass ones it came with. does anyone know a good place to get them?
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    A cry for help.

    hey everyone sorry to bother you fine folks on the forum here. I'm a Calgary, Alberta, Canada player in a bit of a bind. My funding for school was cut severely this semester and I have exhausted every avenue I can for further aid to finish my last semester. Due to a disability I am unable to...
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    tips for building a trap disarming kit

    hey guys I am looking for specifically tips on what to include in a trap disarming kit. such as: what to use to keep all your pieces in a game appropriate container what items are recommended what items are more or less important to ensure you have where to source the items in a manner that...
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    notes and research needs

    Mar smiles as he strides through the doors of the arcane sanctum stopping at the reception desk "hello I have need of two things first for a message to be passed along to Magi Farr’Shen inform him that Mar has been cured the taint is no more" he adds writing the message down as well "and if...
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    festival of crows (looking for a team)

    Mar champion archer of the last two festivals is looking for a team for this coming festival. kinda hoping someone will want me on their team XP
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    Council Chambers of the AS

    A couple hours later Mar arrives knocking on the door he steps back trying to hide his discomfort at being in the Arcane sanctum. His thoughts drift as he considers all he had found out just recently. Touching briefly on the worry that Az'Caine might just destroy him, then dismissing that idea...
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    Reporting to the archmage

    Having put his horse in the stables Mar strides into the arcane sanctum stopping at the desk "azkaine ordered me to report to him is it ok for me to head up?" he asks the clerk his eyes weary the rage that had driven him through most of the previous weekend was waning but there was still much to do.
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    stopping by the earth circle: leaving the breach

    Mar stops at the earth circle his horses reigns in hand and waits for isawda assuming the sheriff and senior earth weaver would be by as part of his duties an envelope clutched in his free hand.
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    in the fronthall

    Mar enters the front hall approaching reception once again "I need to speak with the fatespinner once she's free" he says bluntly "its on a matter I feel only she can be trusted with"
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    Reflections of self

    Mar stands in the commons practicing his sword form his sword occasionally clattering to the ground "dammit" he mutters softly since his change the pain had gotten worse and mars mind felt like it was clouded a constant buzzing keeping him distracted and on edge "ok trying this again" he says...
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    in faybridge

    Mar dismounts his horse approaching the first elf he can find "excuse me could you direct me to the nearest center of scholarly study?" he asks warmly holding the horses reigns carefully
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    Leaving the breach (Sunday sept 22)

    Mar checks his bag one last time his home guard tabard tucked in the bottom and meagre supplies on top he secures it and mounts his horse "I hope we will get along well" he says softly before raising his hood to block the sun and urging his horse forward. The pain on his neck a constant reminder...
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    drinking as pain management

    Mar enters the ogres head stopping at the bar a moment "sasha a strong bottle of rum and a glass please" he says softly looking like he'd barely slept in days "have you seen artie about? i need to speak to him"
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    searching the streets

    Mar sighs rubbing the back of his neck as he walks along the streets. he had little more than a voice to go on and the pain in his neck he sighs trying to concentrate and keep an eye open for anyone suspicious. Mar slips down a side alley his mind full of questions as he emerges on another...
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    reporting to dunbow (sept 1st)

    Mar knocks on dunbows down his hand still aching abit from the poison (my in game excuse for my hurt hand) and the tattoo on his neck stil lbugging him he waits silently to report on what he had found in the hermits dwelling. true enough this could easily have been submitted as the usual written...
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    Journey to calanhelm

    Mar sits by his fire a little off the main road to calanhelm cooking rabbit his sword close to hand it had been a hard march this far but he was intent to make the journey and see if the lore master had found anything for him. Putting some more fallen twigs on the fire he muses over the recent...
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    Mars departure

    Mar after securing his goods heads out for the edge of town checking on his pouch he pauses to check out the skyline and muse on whether he had forgotten anything in his haste to leave for the capital.
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    returning to parsons (opentoanyonetravellingfromcalenhelm)

    Mar moves steadily down the road his stride even and his bow ready as he walks his eyes darting around the forest as he thinks over recent events. 2 more in his command meant he had to step up his efforts. his mind whirling with ideas of how to work with the warriors he'd be among first order of...
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    Mar returns

    Mar enters the homeguard grounds once more he'd felt aimless the last few weeks doing what was needed but otherwise unsure how to proceed with his time. After a quick shave he enters the training field and starts working his new position meant a good bit more training would be wise -This scares...