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  1. Idiosyncronizer

    A Return to Domus

    "Thank you Elspeth, I very much appreciate your help." With a smile and a nod Tengu takes a step through the portal and... Finds a short drop to a mouthful of salt water on the other side. Breaking the surface and taking a deep breath he looks around and sees the shore a short distance off...
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    Gryphon's Grace - Magical Implements and Implementations

    Before departing the Lux Tengu approaches the notice board in the tavern and posts an updated flyer for his shop. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Gryphon's Grace - Magical Implements and...
  3. Idiosyncronizer

    [.11] Riposting Strike

    So two questions on this: one (1) does this combination work and two (2) if it does how would the call go? In creating a Rogue build I make a character with Evade/Dodge, Riposting Strike, Assassinate (3), Improved Assassinate (3), and Doom Blow. A *something* comes at me, I burn the Evade/Dodge...
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    Taking Care of Business

    Striding up to the front desk Tengu waits until the elderly woman seated behind has finished what she is writing to address her. "Greeting Nana, I hope all is well. May I please put in a request for lodgings over the next week and access to a trap workshop, if we have one?
  5. Idiosyncronizer

    A Request of Master Quynn

    Approaching the front desk Tengu waits until others have completed their business and, seeing a pause in her work, approaches. "Greetings Nana," he says with a nod of respect. "If she is available I would request a meeting with Master Quynn."
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    Looking for the pink Middenvaler

    Having only just returned to Calenhelm Tengu approaches the Home Guard barracks, his eyes open for the bright pink clothing that easily identifies Becky, his comrade from the Breach. Not seeing her he approaches the front desk. "Good morning. I am looking for Guardswoman Becky, the bright pink...
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    A Message for Siegert Autumnwalker

    Having only recently returned after a long journey Tengu enters the Ogre's Head, approaching the bar. "Greetings bartender. It has been a while since I have been through Calenhelm, rumors seem to abound on the road between here and the coast; hopefully what I have hears has not affected your...
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    A consequence of action

    Tengu searches the Earth Enclave in Calenhelm, knowing that if Hezekiah were to be found it would likely be with his nose in a book somewhere.
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    Seeking advice on matters of some import

    Approaching the front desk Tengu pushes back his hood showing somewhat disheveled feathers and obviously weary from recent events. "If it pleases you I would like to request an audience with the Fatespinner," he begins. "There are some matters of grave urgency which must be reported immediately...
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    Biata Mental Abilities - Ifs and Maybes

    I have a few questions concerning Biata mental abilities. Having recently reached a high enough level to start playing around with advanced abilities some questions have come to mind for both functional and RP uses; I figured it would be good to get verification before I start using skills in...
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    Meeting with the Fatespinner

    Entering the main lobby of the Earth Weaver Enclave in Calenhelm Tengu briefly glances around the room and, recognizing no one that he knows, approaches the woman behind the front desk. "Greetings," says the Biata. "I was wondering if it may be possible to meet with the Fatespinner in order to...
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    Florentine use with a Bow

    Hi, I had spoken with a local marshal and was told that in order to use my Long Bow and Small Weapon I am required to have the Two Weapons skill and not just Florentine. As I understood it Florentine allows the use of one Long Weapon (Bow) and one Small Weapon. In discussion I was directed to...