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    Building a New Place

    Hi, Um. So we got this hammer the other day, and Lady Bunchberry wanted me to hold onto it. And I've been staring at it like all day. It's kinda cool and hums with magic. This hammer is enchanted with a March of the Untiring, but only if the people in the ritual are building a tavern/inn...
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    I Little Help If You Can

    I hope this message finds those of Bastion healthy and well. My travels there over the Winter were interesting, and my time spent with High Arcanist Illkari was enlightening. With that said, I hear that there maybe an excursion to the Wild Woods this upcoming weekend. I would love to assist...
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    Ritual Assistance

    Good day, I am looking for someone with a touch of ritual magic willing to help me with an earth casting this coming Saturday before dinner will be served. Probably around 4 bells. Someone with minor knowledge of the higher magics. Maybe around five to ten tomes. I would prefer someone who...
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    A call out for Blacksmiths.

    This is a call out to all Blacksmiths. Master Nyio Sorn and myself are attempting to craft something to aid us in the fight against Hook. If you are a blacksmith we need your assistance, if you are willing to give it. We need Masters, Journeymen, and anyone who can repair armor. This will be...
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    Long May He Reign

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    The Scroned

    Adventures, If anyone comes in contact with a human looking race of people with scars. They are called the scorned. They are a nomadic race that are from Anret and are currently occupying the ruins around the lake of blood. Do not under any circumstance heal them. This is a great dishonor...
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    A new threat awakens

    Adventures, It has been a long year and while some aspects of our lives are settling down or improving, others are not. I'm here to inform you of the not improving. There is a new threat that has awoken from Anret. A race of Primordial creatures that I'm calling, for now, the Cucurbitas...
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    Friday Night Town Meeting

    Hello Adventures, As we start to arrive this evening I am asking that everyone please gather at the tavern as we WILL be having a town meeting. At this time we will discuss things that need to be handled at this market. If you have any task that needs to be completed this would be the time to...
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    Crystal Shards

    As most of you are aware, the adventures have been working hard on closing, or at least figuring out, these portals that have popped up all over Terna. We have collected many number of shards in many different colors. From information I've been given they are magical but have no magical...
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    Lost mug

    Hey guys, I left in a hurry Saturday night and left my mug on one of the tables in the tavern. It is a simple silver mug with a mirrored bottle. Did anyone happen to grab it? Thanks Nick Sent from my LGLS775 using Tapatalk
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    Looking for work over the summer?

    Hello adventurers, I'm looking for a few volunteers to help me look into a few things over the summer months. If you are interested please let me know and I will inform you what I need. Also if there is anything anyone wants to look into but not sure where to start. I may be of some service...
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    Looking for a ritual caster

    I'm looking for an experienced ritual caster to cast either a vision or a lore for me. I have the scrolls and components. Contact me privately if you can help. Thanks, Ser Foss Fairfax
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    True Hero of Terna

    To all those who live in or have visited Wayside. It fills my heart with tremendous grief to inform one and all who hear this that Solar Emeritus Artea Withaque, legendary writer of the The Zodiac Bard Story, former Court Wizard to The Eternal Leaf Crown, Shadow Mage of Celestial Arts and...
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    Korrok, the Dream Imp

    Korrok, the Dream Imp, We have never met nor do I know of you or what you do. But, an ally of mine said that you may be an ally against the Devourer of Dreams. Bliss is coming and the more help this land has the better. If you are an imp of the dreams I sure you are hearing me and I would...
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    A Beacon of Hope

    (Foss’ voice echoes throw the dreaming filled with pure HOPE) To the People of Wayside….No To all the People of Terna. Since the creation of this world there has been struggles, there has been war, there has been Despair, and right now is no different. The Devour of Dreams known as Kaz’ik...
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    A Wayfarer Lost

    A great friend and ally, a true master of all the mercantile arts has been lost. Jehyu the master artisan and the kindest rabbit fell to the great abyss of permanent death this past market in the Brokenlands. He died as he lived exerting endless kindness and in sacrifice for another. He saved...
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    First Child of the Moon

    5 Bells this coming Saturday. Ser Siril
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    Var'keesh the Wind Serpent

    Var'keesh the Wind Serpent, guardian of the untethered isle, I seek and audience with you. This weekend the adventures will gather and I wish to speak to you on a matter of great importance. Please let me know when you can give me but a brief moment of your time and will be there. Thank...
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    Looking for a scroll

    Hello everyone, I am seeking a item recall scroll that is spell craftable for the upcoming market. I'm willing to pay the component cost as well as compensating the owner of the scroll as well as any formalist willing to spell craft for me. Please contact me if you are interested. Thank you...
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    To The Meddler.....

    Lord Barrister Enan Bluewater, Werebear of the Azure Keep. You are meddling in things you should not be meddling in. We did not come here to harm you or your kin, we did not come to steal your land, or your keep. We came for one thing and one thing only, and YOU are preventing this. You are...