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  1. Val McManamy

    Favorite Moments - March 2022

    Chasing a certain owner down through the tavern for stealing my "wine". There was a delight in watching the alarm of others when someone flees turn into "good luck with that" when a wolf followed at a light run.
  2. Val McManamy

    Mistwalker Map Making

    A little more location of chapters as an in-game map much like a road map of the US would show you where the cities were but no details within until you went to specific pages for those states or cities.
  3. Val McManamy

    Mistwalker Map Making

    With winter breaks and cold weather keeping me inside, I'm looking to expand my mapmaking by designing something every mistwalker needs which is a concept map (think London Underground) of our interconnected realms. What I need is either a list or a fast way to create it of the venue and the...
  4. Val McManamy

    2021 Nationals - Story for the Ages Favorites

    Like this wolfkin would come in second place on overheating. ;) Val
  5. Val McManamy

    Closing the Kullan Tarina

    Greetings, For those among the adventurers and curious who were unable to find themselves within the pages of the Kullan Tarina, I send these words to note that the threat that presented itself was neutralized by the hard work and high risks taken on by those that stepped into a madman’s...
  6. Val McManamy

    2021 Nationals - Story for the Ages Favorites

    Heyas, I'm Val and I played Lucian the wolfkyn from Hireath. After a long break from Alliance, it was nice to break back in at a national game. I didn't get to experience all the various plots because a full wolf outfit and humid heat generally kept me seeking out cool air breaks but I did...
  7. Val McManamy

    Unto Simmon Lavendale, a.k.a. The Author

    Unto Simmon Lavendale, Although I accept the inevitability of your selected path, it is my hope that you will see the error of your steps and stand down from this madness you threaten so many others with. I understand the desire to stand out and be acknowledged in skill and prowess no matter...
  8. Val McManamy

    Kullan Tarina Threat Assessment

    Good evening, To all those waiting, the assessment has been updated. Lucian.
  9. Val McManamy

    Kullan Tarina Threat Assessment

    Gilwing, Thank you for your input of the story. The transmission of these alerts are a touch disorientating. Please note that this method of communication is being used by the Editor likely within the limits of the location. With regards, Lucian
  10. Val McManamy

    Kullan Tarina Threat Assessment

    Matron FallingStar, A complete assessment is being compiled and will be distributed in the next day or two. Written versions will be provided when we all gather as well. With regards, Lucian
  11. Val McManamy

    Kullan Tarina Threat Assessment

    Matron FallingStar, The assessment information presented is from the dreaming messages. Currently I have the stories presented to the Elves/Dryads and Kyn/Sylvanborn. Binar has provided the dreaming given to humans. The Editor's dreaming messages appear to be focused on races and I am still...
  12. Val McManamy

    Kullan Tarina Threat Assessment

    Sage Binar, The information is of exceptional service. It sounds as if the crumples are cast off ideas which is where their mix of abilities may come from. With appreciation, Lucian
  13. Val McManamy

    Kullan Tarina Threat Assessment

    Unto adventurers traveling to Kullan Tarina, My name is Lucian, currently of the lands of Hireath. Though currently on extended sabbatical and enjoying the intricacies of owning a tavern, the threats of the “Author”, not to mention the horrible cliches in his books, cannot go unanswered. To...
  14. Val McManamy

    Racial costuming, prosthetics, and requirements

    So here's my two copper. The rules of costuming have not been regularly enforced, encouraged or discussed. In some cases, one person might get a verbal OK from staff while another might get told the same thing doesn't fly (even by the same staff member). 3/4 and full masks have been debated...
  15. Val McManamy

    Safety Notes for Oct 2016 Acarthia Event

    Am I the only one with a hundred alchemical light tags? I should sell. :)
  16. Val McManamy

    Fae wines and you

    ** From across the dreaming comes the scent of a camp fire and the background sounds of a forest. Lucian's voice is calm and collected as if presenting a subject to a class. ** With a possible visitor in New Acarthia, I'm providing a free lesson in things Fae. When creating alcoholic...
  17. Val McManamy

    Helpful advise for October

    Legard - You have pretty claws until you take a swipe at something vulnerable to silver. Then you leave burning scars in their flesh. I favor vorpal for that reason. I should say I'm disappointed that some would consider clawed kin to be useless in combat. While claws cannot be enchanted to...
  18. Val McManamy

    Woodland Park, CO WEATHER for Apr 2016 Season Opener

    You mean we can't just call "100 massive" while driving through a field battle?! Joking aside, thank you for the warning. :) Val
  19. Val McManamy

    Coming to Town...I hope that's okay?

    Jehyu, Come as you are, be welcome and have fun. Fancy outfits aren't a requirement. It's a party and you're invited. Don't worry about fighting. ~Lucian
  20. Val McManamy

    To shake a nightmare.

    Squire Kendrick, I look forward to discussing this tactic and its logistics with you. The direct questions I have will be how many elemental slayer spells are available and what will be the cost in order to make sure everyone can afford one. At minimum I expect we would need to provide this...