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    [IBGA] A call to Oni

    Greetings Jared, I dont believe we have met yet. I'm looking to bestow great ties in the land of Fortannis. This peaks my interest and would like to attend if you'll have the room. Adventurer...
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    Mental Skills for Roleplaying

    Thanks for the input!! I like the idea of not controlling it all the time and blurting that's smart. I think I'm just stuck in the idea of right and wrong and not just going with the flow. I feel like there's certain things I should say or not say and be objective and I think that's holding me back.
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    Mental Skills for Roleplaying

    Hello everyone! I'm new to larping, and I've gone to two events so far a weekend and one day. I'm ridiculously hooked and this is now my life! I currently play biata and I'm very much enjoying it. However I'm getting more into roleplaying now and I'm really eager to learn about mental skills...