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  1. stonegolem

    September Event: Cold Open Encounter

    ATTENTION PLAYERS: We are beginning this event with a "cold open" encounter immediately following opening ceremonies. Opening ceremonies will be held at 10:30pm Friday night. If you are not present and prepared to enter game when the encounter starts, you will be asked to wait until the...
  2. stonegolem

    A call to arms.

    ((FINAL EVENT of the Nine Towers storyline runs September 2-4, Faire Play in Montrose PA. No magic items will travel to this game, and you must have 225 or less build spent for your character to be allowed to play. We also desperately need NPCs and are offering a special compensation bonus for...
  3. stonegolem

    Paragon Packages - Paths of the Paragons

    Update: Version 2.0 is now available. Players may purchase two Paragon Paths per event. PARAGON PACKAGES HAVE RETURNED. PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE ATTACHED PDF. The Paths of the Paragons are powerful, ancient shards of magic left behind by the passing of powerful warriors, sorcerers, and thieves...
  4. stonegolem

    Announcement of Disavowal

    So Let It Be Known, The Exiled Dominion of Thelucia and all true sons and daughters of Thelucia hereby disavow and denounce any warlike or terroristic activities carried out on soil belonging to the Nation of Sadeen Moor by any member of the former 42nd Thelucia Battlemagi division, known...
  5. stonegolem

    Join My Krewe As We Cross The Planes To Unknown Adventure

    Halfway between the mists, at a point somewhere that isn't quite Laerthan, isn't quite Caldaria, and isn't quite a whole lot of other places as well... I await you. My voice echoes across the dreamscape. A clarion call, like a silver trumpet, beckons all who seek adventure and riches from the...
  6. stonegolem

    Please give us your feedback!

    Hey dudes. As you know, we on staff at NH feel like we had a fairly baller 2013-2014 season. In fact, we thought it was superb, and we are currently recovering from sprained shoulders as the result of patting ourselves on the back. Unfortunately for us, sitting around remembering how great we...
  7. stonegolem

    Reaching Out To Ashbury

    Mist Walkers, It was my intent to walk among you once more, but it appears the Mists are fickle. Obnoxiously so. I am Otho, the sorcerer, from the village of Oldcliffe in the kingdom of Nine Towers. Some of you have met me. I had walked through the Mists in hopes of quelling my fears that one...
  8. stonegolem

    Silvering a Staff

    The rulebook suggests that a staff has two edges for the purposes of weapon coatings, and therefore two separate carriers can be applied to the same staff - Weakness Poison and Silver, for example. Is it possible to have a blacksmith silver a staff, but keep one side "unsilvered," allowing one...
  9. stonegolem

    Can you pick a tune? Play the gee-tar? Fire up a fiddle?

    And most importantly, can you attend events in New Hampshire? If you play some kind of instrument that's suitable for an old-timey hoedown and can travel to an Alliance New Hampshire game, I would like to speak with you, for unspecified reasons that I dare not name here but might involve...
  10. stonegolem

    Royal Decrees Pertaining to the Barony of Landon

    By Decree of the Queen Regent and the Council of Paladins, Let the following be known throughout Eire, her holdings, and to all interested parties counted among her allies: that CORINTHIUS, formerly Corinthius Baron Landon, has by his own admission and free will admitted to High Treason...
  11. stonegolem

    Increase In Bounty

    Pursuant to our aims of retaining the tattered shreds of dignity that remain to us following the shouted negotiations with one Warlord Yortuk, I have decided to increase the bounty offered on the phylactery of a lich from two to ten gold, effective immediately. Should the recovery of the...
  12. stonegolem

    Knitters, or People Who Can Make Dolls

    Can someone please make a little orc doll for NPC camp? It's worth gobbies. Nothing bad has ever happened when NPC camp had a little doll.
  13. stonegolem

    Men of the Soil and the Hammer

    One week after Void and Puriel were banished from the realm, it began to snow on Chiram's Hollow, covering the trampled and bloodstained earth with a quiet layer of white. The weary soldiers and engineers of the military of Eire retreated behind the bastion fires, taking up arms and aiming...
  14. stonegolem


    For the first time since the mysterious mists opened upon a land we once thought was alone in the universe, my dreams are expanded and I can feel a thousand minds like mine, all dreaming in the realms beyond. My name is Otho and I am a satyrine sorcerer of the kingdom of Nine Towers. I am a...
  15. stonegolem

    NH Racial Packets Update!

    Hey guys. One of the projects we have been working on over the winter break has been major updates to the NH race packets - reformatting, updating, streamlining and increasing the overall level of useful and interesting information that makes it easier and more appealing for a new character to...
  16. stonegolem

    Formal Declaration of Dissolution

    So Let It Be Known, I, Horatio Sullivan, Arch-magus, Ambassador to White Forest, Ambassador to Eire, and the Sole Living Executor of the Government and Sovereignty of the Magocratic Dominion of Thelucia, Do hereby denounce and condemn the actions of the felonious magicians who sought to summon...
  17. stonegolem

    Watcher in the Mists

    I know it's prolly dangerous to direct my dreaming to the space wit'in the mists. I don't care. Watcher, When you pulled me to your place as I traveled from my home, I was armed wit' only a shield and a bow, and not even an arrow. You told me dat I was bein' watched, dat I was bein' judged and...
  18. stonegolem

    July Favorites

    Tell me what you thought of weekend. My favorite part was when I made you cry. In all seriousness, my actual favorite part was how willing the PCs and NPCs were to really throw themselves into the story and give as much good RP as they got. It was a serious landmark on our road to November.
  19. stonegolem

    Enchanter's Auction!

    ENCHANTER'S AUCTION - SATURDAY AFTERNOON BRING YOUR OWN ENCHANTABLES PROCEEDS TO BENEFIT THELUCIAN AND NORTH FORTRESS REFUGEES Citizens of Eire and of Chiram's Hollow: As you know, people in both of our great nations - Eire and Thelucia - have suffered tremendously in the last several months...