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    Visits with Franz (and Phoenix Flight)

    *A well manacured parchment bearing a blue and red seal in the form of a Phoenix is nailed to various message boards* Phoenix flight will be gathering this Saturday (March 5th) to discuss some guild affairs. I, as Guildmaster, would like to extend an open invitation to anyone that would like to...
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    A support in training

    (( A carefully intricately folded scroll bearing the a red wax seal of The Phoenix Flight Guild set with a small sapphire arrives to the Moonlight Sentinels, The Guild. Each is addressed to leaders of each institution, and is scribed in all capitals (for legibility, not as anger). A similar...
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    Ritual of WOE

    To all who are preparing to brave the mists in the coming markets, So I'm of the understanding that the vast majority of us have complex feelings and reactions to the events that we plan to carry out during the coming market. We have years of rituals prepared and are hoping to reduce our losses...
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    Blacksmith for hire

    Greetings All, The forge fires are calling me toward Wayside in the month of August. I am Franz Firebrand and I have met some of you, although not all. I am sending this missive in advance of my arrival to determine if there are any outstanding blacksmithing requests that need to be fulfilled...