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  1. Thorgrim

    Playtest Event Feedback Form

    If you attended the event, regardless of your involvement, PC, NPC, or Plot, please fill out a form. If you have any questions about the form or any issues please contact me. We would like to have these filled out by the end of the week if at all possible...
  2. Thorgrim

    October Meal Plan Sign Ups

    Hello all. I am officially closing off registration for meal plan. I have posted a link to a spreadsheet with all of the meal plan participants. Please double check to make sure your name is on the list and I have it correct. If it is not correct, please reach out and let me know. There’s been a...
  3. Thorgrim

    October Meal Plan

    We’re going to try something a bit different given everything going on for the October event. I am going to offer the option to purchase individual meals rather than an entire meal plan so you can pick and choose which meals you would like to have. For Saturday’s dinner we are also offering a...
  4. Thorgrim

    September Meal Plan

    Edit: Back to Normal Saturday Breakfast: French Toast and scrambled eggs Saturday Dinner: Steak and Chicken Fajitas Chips and Salsa Sunday Breakfast: Breakfast casserole
  5. Thorgrim

    August Menu

    Saturday Breakfast: French Toast Scrambled Eggs Saturday Dinner: Steak and Chicken Fajitas Chips and Salsa Sunday Breakfast: Breakfast Casserole
  6. Thorgrim

    A request to the nobility of New Acarthia regarding Dargok

    Now that Dargok has been turned into undead yet again, can we finally put an end to this charade and end the threat that he poses to our lands? I fought Dargok, in honorable combat and defeated him. I took his sword and brought it back to my lands, where I coated it with silver, and asked my...
  7. Thorgrim

    July Menu

    Saturday Breakfast: Pancakes Sausage links Saturday Dinner: Baked potatoes topped with smoked beef brisket BBQ baked beans Sunday Breakfast: Breakfast casserole We will also be offering vegetarian and gluten free/keto options upon request, please make sure to include this in your...
  8. Thorgrim

    Tavern Changes and Meal Plan

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to give folks some updates on the meal plan for June and going forward at Jesse’s new site as there will be some pretty big challenges and changes. Price: The meal plan will now cost $20, which includes breakfast Saturday and Sunday mornings, and dinner on...
  9. Thorgrim

    Help Wanted at Deepjug's Tavern

    Greetings Adventurers, Cynder and I will be taking over the cooking and operation of the tavern during Ducal gatherings for the coming year. That being said, we cannot do it all on our own, and we are looking to hire help to assist us. We will need help serving and washing dishes during meal...
  10. Thorgrim

    April Menu and Meal Plan going forward (Important note for NPC's)

    Hello everyone. I just want to give some updates on April's meal plan and the future of the meal plan going forward. Cynder (Karlee) and I will be running the tavern this year and providing breakfasts and dinners. April's meal plan will be $15. This will be going up to $20 starting in June at...
  11. Thorgrim

    Meal Plan for Nationals

    Just wanted to give everyone a heads up as Karlee (Cynder) and I will be handling the meal plan for the event and I am sure there will be questions. The meal plan is mandatory for all attendees including full time NPC's (though they do receive a discounted price). There will be 5 meals total, 3...
  12. Thorgrim

    Poll: What are your overall feelings about the proposed 2.0 rules compared to our current rules v.1.

    We have a lot of polls out right now regarding specific changes, but I just want to get an overall idea of where the community stands right now concerning the proposed rules set.
  13. Thorgrim

    Flurry change proposal

    I have a proposal for flurry which I believe would help fighters and preserve the intent behind the flurry rule of allowing time for people to call defenses and also make powerful blows more useful. I propose that we apply the flurry 3 rule only to powerful blows, allowing a player to swing...
  14. Thorgrim

    Addressing critical feedback, burden of proof, and player feedback

    I am creating a different thread for this since the topic was touched on in the thread regarding the changes to bind and I think it warrants its own discussion. I am a playtest coordinator for the Denver chapter. I am receiving an overwhelming amount of feedback from our play testers who are...
  15. Thorgrim

    In need of an earth formalist for Friday night of the upcoming gather

    Greetings. I am in need of an earth formalist to spell craft a spirit recall on me for Friday night of the gather. I can provide the scroll, components, and monetary compensation, I just need someone with two ranks of spell crafting high magic to cast it for me. If anyone is available for this I...
  16. Thorgrim

    To all who attended the Ducal gathering in August

    I know it has been some time since we have all gathered in New Acarthia, and I saw many new faces this past gathering. Therefore, I would like to inform or remind everyone of what we have agreed upon in terms of the distribution of treasure obtained during large battles involving most of the...
  17. Thorgrim

    Mod Day 2016 Favorite Moments Thread

    I wanted to go ahead and create this thread for people to leave comments on their favorite parts of mod day. I'll start. Wow, what a great mod for Thorgrim and the Warchester crew. Thorgrim had hit a bit of a rough patch during the October gathering and was feeling down on himself, but he...
  18. Thorgrim

    Seeking information on dwarven ruins beneath New Acarthia

    I am looking for information from any adventurers who have delved into the dwarven ruins beneath New Acarthia. I am presently trying to compile a list of all the ruins that have been explored so far, a description of the ruins, types of creatures/traps/puzzles encountered, as well as their...
  19. Thorgrim

    Found black pocket watch during the big bug battle Sunday afternoon

    There was a black pocket watch that was found on the ground during the bug fight on Sunday afternoon. If it's yours or you know who it belongs to let me know and I will try to get it to you next event.
  20. Thorgrim

    Casting a ritual circle for someone else

    I would like to know if I (as a celestial caster) could cast a Circle of Power spell with a formal caster standing inside with me that would allow them to then perform a celestial formal ritual. For instance Lumi and Aneira the celestial scholars stand inside a circle phys rep and Lumi casts...