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  1. Xanian

    Splinters of Lore's knowledge

    It came to my attention last market that we had potentially been obtaining small splinter's of Lore's knowledge and resources in our adventuring (OOG: Lore Tokens). When I asked about them, I was informed that they had been assigned to adventurers by a small committee to those who had performed...
  2. Xanian

    Saturday's Auction on the Racial Transformation Catalyst

    I would like to speak with the other person who was bidding against me for the racial transformation catalyst on Saturday night. I apologize but I am terrible with names and do not yet know the majority of the adventuring populace. Please reach out to me so we can have a discussion about this...
  3. Xanian

    Alternate catalysts?

    I know there has been some research on finding alternates for some catalysts on formal magic rituals and wanted to see if anyone had done any research regarding a potential alternate for the Heart of a Changeling. I am not planning on killing a sentient creature for the sole purpose of changing...
  4. Xanian

    Discord and Mid Nov IBGA?

    So I have heard that there is a Discord for the Chicago Chapter but I cannot find any information on how to join. I saw a post on Twitter, but the invite link is expired. Is this still an active means of communication? Additionally, Is there a period to submit IBGAs for the next event? I know...
  5. Xanian

    Celestial Armor and Armor limits

    Can a person use the Celestial Armor high magic to use a set of Arcane armor they would normally not be able to wear? Example: A scholar has a 30 suit of arcane armor on an item, they possess 10 levels of high magic and 0 levels of wear extra armor. 1) Could they use the arcane after a single...