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  1. Auryn

    Looking for a Summon Magical Creature rit + Catalyst

    A notice has been posted on many messenger boards across Wayside.
  2. Auryn

    Copper Auction

    I'll be holding a silent copper auction this upcoming market day for my Cupbearer's task. Any donations above the goal will be dispersed amongst the various communities of Wayside where such monetary aid might be required, such as orphanages, widowers, and vocational training/job rehabilitation...
  3. Auryn

    Question about Signature Spells

    Rogue looking to switch to adept here with a few questions. Using United Blow requires conversion of "signature spells" for damage. What exactly is a signature spell, what qualifies as one, and how many can you have? I searched the 2.0 Rulebook and found none of these answers, unfortunately.
  4. Auryn

    Bow Rogue Build Suggestions

    I have claustrophobia, so frontlining isn't really a possibility for me and I often play the longrange support/ "fixer" role for when someone gets commanded or corrupted and provide cover for refitters. I have a very small earth channeling pool for pick me ups(25 pts total healling w/1 spell)...
  5. Auryn

    Call for Scrolls

    Does anyone know if they have any Wall of Force scrolls in their posession? I know I'm currently out, and I have a bad feeling they might be needed soon. Additionally, they might be a good thing for the town box to have some for backup, along with some of the lesser-used spells like solidifies...
  6. Auryn

    A plea from Evodia, a land outside the Mists

    I've been having difficulty traveling the mists this month to come as I usually do, and hope you're having better luck than I have. One of my goals for my visit this month was to fulfil my handmaiden duties to Princess Vivienne, but my other goal is to ask for help. One of my employees and...
  7. Auryn

    Blacksmithing Request

    I am looking to buy arrows and throwing daggers from every available blacksmith of every level of experience in town that is willing and gets ahold of me. If the previous fight hadn't completely wiped me out of arrows I would have been able to do stuff after the massive back to back to back set...
  8. Auryn

    Whispers of a Meeting

    As some of you may know, I own a teahouse in the capital of Evodia. As such, occasionally I overhear things and I thought this particular tidbit might be good for everyone to know: The Duke Hendry Van Daalen of the Central Territory is going to making a visit soon to the Coalition leadership...
  9. Auryn

    Saturday Town Tea / Request for Pitchers for Tea

    Hi! Uh, I'm planning on trying to get everyone together Saturday (probably afternoon) to get to know each other better and share information per usual. I know we have a lot of visitors from beyond the mists coming this month as well as a few new faces! I don't know how much ice box space the...
  10. Auryn

    Would anyone be interested in a costume construction party?

    So anyone who's LARPed with me over the past few years knows I have a fairly high costume turnover rate for my character Auryn. Not everyone knows that I sew most of it myself, on a budget using material I've gotten from couponing, sales, and secondhand stores. I was wondering if anyone would we...
  11. Auryn

    Concerning our local Tompten

    To our local Tompten, In my childhood, I knew tales of the tomte but I never knew them to be real. I grew up in a traveling caravan, and we never had any. If I had known you were present in my Lady's tavern I would have made julegrøt with butter for your kind upon Yule, but it seems I have been...
  12. Auryn

    Tea Time is time for Talking

    I don't usually say a lot on market days or feel very comfortable with talking much because of how insular things have become due to the tense atmosphere amongst our community. After talking a lot with Benjamin Bookworm and Sam Gemclipper, drinking tea with several with many of the lovely...
  13. Auryn

    The Were-rat Lurks + News from Clan Bloodcoin (A wrap-up note from Auryn)

    On the last market day, a few of us met with an informant of Clan Bloodcoin (Master Viskit) and a few of his entourage and heard some worrying news. Thankfully as it was post fight and there wasn't a lot of background noise and we spoke one at a time, I could actually hear everyone speaking...
  14. Auryn

    Can I bring my LCO Arcane Armor? (Health reasons)

    Hi! My name is Kathryn. Everyone calls me Rynn. I am a very small skinny Scandinavian girl who is prone to heatstroke. I'm fine with extreme cold. I'll eat popsicles outside in -10F weather, but I have a really hard time with summer weather even when I'm properly hydrated (And at LARP events I...
  15. Auryn

    Tea in the Tavern

    Every market day I lug my tea caddy with me, I put my tea tasting skills to the test. Every evening after whatever big battle I will usually brew a few pots of tea in the tavern kitchens and if I find them to be to my standards I serve it. I make loose leaf tea in my cast iron kettle and strain...
  16. Auryn

    looking for ride to October game

    My roomies are apparently staying home this event to prep for my birthday. I was not informed of this fact until quite recently. This unfortunately puts me in a pickle - I have no ride. I live on University Ave between Minneapolis and St. Paul and would be willing to chip in for gas money. -Rynn
  17. Auryn

    Kitespar - would anyone bewilling to split the shipping costs or sell me some?

    I am looking into making my own weapons for the first time and have decided that kitespar cores would probably be the best idea for me because of my joint injuries - but the cost paying for shipping on my own is kind of prohibitive for me, as I'm a college student. Would anyone be willing to...